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Name: Justin Albrecht
Age: 27
Location: Los Angeles, California

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Hey, so, its Insider eSports!

I'm glad the website finally launched, although mine was supposed to come first! I guess automation isn't always the best way to do things.

This isn't going to be much of a blog, more of an "About Me" for the first one...and maybe last one since I have a tenancy of not continuing what I start (But lets think positive!).

I'm Justin Albrecht, (Co)Founder of GamerCastTV Network. We specialize in video gaming commentary and event coverage. We did a majority of our coverage from 2004 to 2007, with online coverage including CEVO, CAL, CGESPORTS, SGL, one of the first Americans to cover BWCL and frontpage of GosuGamers.net, and LAN coverage of Lansomnia II and III, not including several interviews with teams, players, and developers.

After spending WAY too much money on new toys, I rounded up the old crew and decided to give it another round.

Hopefully you will see us on InsiderEsports sometime! ;-)

That's it for now, but again, congrats on getting the website up on time (seems like a rarity in the eSports world) and making it look and feel so great. I wish the best and hope that IE has a long future in the world of competitive gaming.

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