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SK Ladies 2009 Roster Changes

SK-GAMING.COM - Jane "jane" Wie set inactive while Christine "potter" Chi retires from the SK Ladies lineup  to find a new home with PMS.

"The team have won their second ESWC title in a row with SK Gaming in 2008 but the team will be undergoing changes for 2009. Jane 'janeosaur' Wie has decided to focus more on her real life thus going inactive while Christine 'potter' Chi will join up with PMS."

Both Christine "potter" Chi and Jane "janeosaur" Wie were a core part of the SK Ladies lineup for over two and a half years winning a variety of titles.  Most notably being back to back ESWC championships from the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

As of now, the roster will stand still with four members as the fifth is soon announced.

SK Ladies roster as it now stands:
Alice 'ali' Lew
Benita 'bENITA' Novshadian
Jennifer 'jso' So
Lidia 'lidy' Poulin

www.SK-Gaming.com - SK.Ali blogs about the changes

Alice "ali" Lew has written a blog about the recent changes, here is an extract:

"The departure of potter and jane might come as a suprise to some but it was inevitable to the team especially after a couple incidents that occured during this past summer. In regards to jane who had just graduated and moved in with her boyfriend, she had decided she no longer had the same love for the game as she did before. People grow up and things change. We know she'll be so successful in her life and wish her the best of luck."

You can read the rest of the blog here.

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quote#1 CA ksharp 03/01/2009 - 19:31:12
This is news worthy?

quote#2 US tensionz 03/01/2009 - 19:45:39
Yeah, it's the top girl team man. =)

quote#3 AL hoozah 03/01/2009 - 22:02:56
cool. don't know of any tournies except eswc girls and cevo that they will perform good in.

good luck.

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