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Name: Jeremy Westerman
Age: 26
Location: Texas

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MSG|crimz Interviewed

INSIDER ESPORTS - Jeremy "purge" Westerman sit down along with Scott "crimz" Yates to discuss makeSHIFT's future as well as their new additions.

This interview withholds content covering a variety of topics ranging from the downfall of the Championship Gaming Series to the recent additions of former San Francisco Optix star, Mohammad “moE” Assad and long time Counter-Strike 1.6 veteran, Peter "supply" Lee.


For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us a little about yourself, past teams, experience, etc?

Yessir, i'm Scott Yates... aka the "onliner" haha... I've been on teams like fAmeus, TRP, check6 to name a few... I'm a full time rapper, but I take gaming very serious as well...

With the recent demise of the Championship Gaming Series and a few veteran faces returning to the 1.6 scene, how do you believe the competition will be affected in North America as well as over seas?

I think a lot of dream teams are being setup right now, where you can grab 5 powerhouse players and put them on 1 team... A lot of squads are forming, and i'm just happy for 1.6 right now to be honest... Even though across the board, on paper... it doesn't always seem that we can compete at the top level, understand that you will be amazed in the upcoming seasons and LAN events.

What is your take on the former source player and San Francisco Optix star, Mohammad “moE” Assad, and long time veteran 1.6 player, Peter "supply" Lee? How much of an impact do you believe they will have on makeSHIFT as a whole?

Moe has decided to not take 1.6 serious. So, that's another story in itself, but having Peter's experience on the team is enough by itself. The fact that he can frag 2-3 people a round on the top level of competition is another. I'm very excited to show the world how we can mesh in the upcoming seasons.

There has been a few rumors going around in regards to your team and a possible association with cheating. Following your participation in cNc, several people were calling your team out in various forum threads. Is there anything you would like to clarify once in for all?

I was banned for CAL for cheating in a match where i was NOT cheating. CAL admins are very corrupt, and I didn't even take the time appealing the ban. Besides that, in online scrims... they tend to call all 5 of my players cheaters, we're pretty much used to it. The only teams that beat us most of the time are top notch teams, if we play cevo-m teams, or "cal-i" teams... most of them can't get more then 5 or 6 rounds.  We will prove what we can do on client, and on lan... We all have fragged against top teams, from NovVi against Hacker PK at CPL and g3x... nikoN has been to lans with Rambo, Gosu and other tx players... The list goes on... and that's really all i have to say on the situation.

How do you feel makeSHIFT will perform throughout the 2009 season and how do you think you guys will fare against the newly formed EG.usa, JMC, FD, and so on if you were to come head to head?

We've got a chance to practice against EG.usa (FD), as well as JMC... JMC beat us the 2 times we played, and we had a very close scrim on inferno against FD... Seeing we don't have to compete with them in CEVO, I see everything going exactly as planned, a #1 placing in CEVO-main. As far as tournaments go, we have nothing in our minds except placing top 3 at events... With our complete team playing together, and not us taking pugs to tourneys and stuff, I honestly don't see anyone except for the top teams giving us a run for our money.

Everyone on the team has a specific role, I assume some more than others. Can you elaborate on the roles for each player and what they bring to the table?

youngsta is our ingame leader, but he's also one of the best fraggers on the team. zyphh is our team player, he just does stuff that will never show up on the stat sheet... but he definitely goes for monster frags at any given time... nikoN, pure fragger. supply, pure fragger... and of course probably the best player on our team. and myself, i'm an all around player... but of course, i consider myself a fragger.

Do you think makeSHIFT will be given a shot within the near future at representing the United States, among others, on an international level?

We will have to earn that by beating the other top teams in qualifiers... we are ready to compete.

Tell us something about makeSHIFT that isn't known to the public. A funny story... anything!

Hahahaha, zyphh came to socal from new orleans... and he ordered a porno 5 minutes before we left our hotel room, it was the most hilarious thing to us at the time, including a huge waste of money... my girlfriend couldnt stop laughing.

Thanks for your time, Scott. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks to our sponsors and all our supporters! #makeSHIFT


We would like to again thank Scott for taking the time to present us with this great interview.


Stay tuned to InsidereSports.com as we bring you the latest from makeSHIFT's 2009 season.

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quote#1 AL hoozah 03/01/2009 - 22:01:50
interesting lineup.. good luck.

i wish supply was on a better team but oh well. it's a game right? as long as you guys are having fun doing it.

supply vs complexity. :D

quote#2 US areyoubennn 05/01/2009 - 15:55:10
i dont cheat!~

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