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A Response to Mike's Poem

Big Names to makeSHIFT for 09

INSIDER ESPORTS – makeSHIFT Gaming, a current CEVO Main team, announces their 2009 roster, including Moe “moE” Assad, former San Francisco Optx superstar, and Peter "supply" Lee, a veteran 1.6 player.

UPDATE: Moe “moE” Assad has recently left makeshift Gaming. Any news on his replacement is TBA.

After confirming the addition of moE several days ago, makeSHIFT Gaming has announced their 2009 roster, consisting of Jimmy "nikoN" Pike, Jordan "zyphh" Bonura, Scott "crimz" Yates, Sean "znaes" Oar, Peter "supply" Lee, Jason "NovVi" Lee and Moe "mOE" Assad.

“We're aiming to attend Lethal Gamers in Texas, and [we are] of course aiming to win CEVO-main”, said team leader Scott “crimz” Yates.  “We're also competing in ESL Online.”  makeSHIFT Gaming’s new roster does have experience and winning CEVO main is certainly not out of the question.  Moe “moe” Assad join makeSHIFT from the now terminated CGS league and Peter “supply” Lee has been a strong player for several years.  Bonura, Yates, Oar, and Lee are also solid players.

"We just want to thank makeSHIFT's Management and Staff, for keeping us comfortable and making sure we have some money rolling in monthly, because that just makes it a lot easier to be hungry and keep that hunger inside of you." Yates added.  “It's hard to believe such a new organization can come this far so fast, but being able to compensate us for our team and hard work is something that proves that[Counter Strike] is on the rise again, and that makeSHIFT is here to stay. We're looking forward to playing for makeSHIFT and representing their brand to the fullest."

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the makeSHIFT organization.

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quote#1 US shlorn 03/01/2009 - 19:25:54
hmm, it should be interesting what moe does. i don't remember him being on the roster for the cevo alienware winter frag fest for optx, but it would be aweome if he was.

quote#2 US fawnz 03/01/2009 - 19:45:17
Can't wait to see them hit up the international and local lans :)

quote#3 CA Justin 05/01/2009 - 22:41:20
Interesting, should be a pretty good lineup.

quote#4 IE Hurr1canE-x1- 10/01/2009 - 20:09:31
new makeSHIFT roster formally known as ENHANCED, cal-o cal-m cal-p champs back 2 back 2 back * nickf fRaKo synikaL buskey Hurr1canE, you can catch us @ x3o on the 24th-25th. Currently participating in CEVO-placement wish us the best of luck!

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