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PGS Gaming Adds 1.6

INSIDERESPORTS – The PGS Gaming organization decides to add a Counter Strike 1.6 team; their first since Neo and teammates left a year ago for MYM.

After losing their old squad a year ago to MYM, along with comments made by PGS manager Marcin "Darky" Sieczkowski, few expected PGS to make a return to 1.6 anytime soon, if ever.   "We no longer plan to invest into Counter-Strike," said PGS manager Marcin "Darky" Sieczkowski in the interview with SK-Gaming. "You could say that we achieved everything that was possible in the game. This goes back to the Polish CS scene - if Poland has got so many talented players, then why are there no strong Polish teams on the international scene, other than MYM?"

Well, things have changed and PGS has added a new 1.6 team to their organization, KomaCrew.  KomaCrew is currently ranked fourth in the ESL Pro Series.  They will also be present at the ESWC Grand Finals, due to the MYM squad having still been under the PGS Gaming organization when they won last year.

The new PGS roster consists of:

Grzegorz 'brd' Ścieński
Sebastian 'BS7' Furman
Adam 'destru' Gil
Jacek 'Milt' Raszka
Grzegorz 'szpero' Dziamałek

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