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OSL Round of 36 Week 1 Group B

Match 1: [P]Kal vs. [T]Propose

Winner of Match 1 vs. [Z]Thezerg


Match 1

            The first match of the night pitted young Samsung KHAN Terran Propose against one of the six Protoss Dragons, STX SouL's Kal. Kal, the heavy favorite, has been on a tear of late, advancing to the Round of 4 in the most recent MSL and also doing fairly well in the Avaratech-Intel TG-Sambo Classic. Propose on the other hand, is a complete unknown, advancing from a weak offline group to get into the Round of 36.


            Game 1 of the match kicked off on Tears of the Moon, with Kal spawning in wearing red at 6 o'clock and Propose spawning in at 11 in green. Kal tried to set the tempo for the game with an early manner pylon, but it didn't fluster Propose immediately. Kal then continued to pump out of his 1 gate opening while teching to reavers. Propose, meanwhile, went for a 1-fac expand build. Propose played very well for most of the game, but made a few key errors that led to his downfall, and in the end, Kal came out on top in game 1.


            Game 2 was on Medusa, which already significantly put Propose back a few steps to start. It was similar spawning positions as game 1, with Propose spawning in at 9 o'clock in blue and Kal donning purple at the 6 o'clock position. Kal opened with a 2gate goon build to Propose's 1-fac 1-port, and the game was over. Kal marched over to Propose's base with some dragoons and just had his way with him. One dragoon push later and Propose typed out, handing the set to Kal two games to nil.


Match 2

            The second match now pit the winner of the first match, Kal against SK Telecom T1 Zerg player Thezerg. Kal was a huge favorite in this match. Not only was he riding a wave of momentum from his first match win, and also his PvZ is by far his best matchup. Thezerg made a surprising run last OSL season, but was recently traded away from MBCGame HERO to SK Telecom T1 and hasn't looked comfortable since.


            Game 1 on Tears of the Moon began with Kal spawning in at 6 o'clock in white, and Thezerg beginning at 2 o'clock dressed in yellow. Kal decided to forgo the PvZ standard Forge-FE opening, and instead went with an old-school build: a 3gate Citadel zealot break. Thezerg was doomed from this point on - he saw Kal's fake stargate and took the bait, going for 3hatch hydras. Kal proceeded to keep the pressure on and tech to DTs before steamrolling Thezerg. Thezerg GGed after he was completely rolled over.


            Game 2 was on Medusa, and the positions remained the same as game 1, Kal at 6 o'clock in yellow, Thezerg at 3 o'clock in purple. Kal decided to go with the standard Forge-FE in this game, while Thezerg went for a 12hatch build.  Thezerg teched to 3hat mutas, while Kal eventually went for reaver/sair and the game truly began. Nice use of a queen by Thezerg managed to help him snipe Kal's shuttle and reaver and kept him in the game. However, nice corsair play by Kal allowed him to snipe all of Thezerg's overlords and dwindle his supply down to 6. Single digit zerg is pretty much not playing, so Thezerg typed out. Kal took down the second series in his second straight sweep, while Thezerg continues the losing trend of SK Telecom T1 Zergs.



Kal 2:0 Propose

Kal 2:0 Thezerg


Kal advances to the OSL Round of 16.

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