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Becoming an eSports Legend

Sometimes, you're sat there watching South Korea's finest duke it out on Starcraft, and a thought crosses your mind. "I could top these guys." It's not a thought that's likely to fade, and if you've got the time, the energy and the resources, then you just might be doing so in the future.

Becoming an esports champ is a lot of work, make no bones about it - this is not just playing games for fun. Think of learning your craft - be it Call of Duty, Halo: Reach or Starcraft II - as the equivalent to training for the Olympics. Long hours, a lot of theory sitting alongside hours of practice each day, to give you some idea.

Whether you're coming from a casual gaming background, or you're a pro Party Poker player who's looking to check out another scene entirely, you'll know that this is a full-time gig. And the easiest way to go full time is through the use of sponsors.

A lot of esports players will drift towards certain makes during their gaming careers - Steelseries, Razer, and so on. But using their logos and having them sponsor you even as an amateur generates revenue, and if you're being given high-quality gaming peripherals to work with as a result, it all helps fund your career. There's nothing sell-out about it - any company worth their salt as a sponsor is likely to have some of the best gear on the market, so take advantage of their investment in you.

When you're looking for events to attend, take certain factors into account. These include travel, expenses (related to travel, accomodation, and so on), and who'll be there. Ideally, try and perform well at every event, but really give it your absolute all when you're heading to an MLG tournament, because that's where the big money is.

Make sure you're also as accessible as possible - a website, a Twitter account, a Facebook profile, and especially a YouTube account. All of these will enable you to connect with more people, and through the evidence of your skills on YouTube, gain more fans, sponsors, and find yourself in bigger tournaments as time goes on.

For now - focus on the above setup, and practice. You'd be surprised at how far you'll go if you work hard enough.

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quote#1 US lostxp 06/10/2011 - 00:32:33
Oh I know that feeling I played for 3 years before I started getting into bigger organization in the fps area. But great read

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