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The Noob Report

The Noob Report Vol. 4

INSIDER ESPORTS -- In this week’s report, FuriousCrumble will be responding to some of the viewer submitted questions and trying to help you figure out how to win some more games, or just answering some game mechanic questions that have been bothering you. Now, without further ado let’s go ahead and jump into the questions.


Hello fellow Noob’s and Pro’s alike and welcome to the 4th installment of the Noob Report! I will pause for applause and rejoicing…


This one comes to us from IcANTbEatpROTOSS:

Dear Mr. Crumble (By the way I’m so happy that he called me Mr. Crumble. I think that is hilarious.),

I am a Terran hero such as you and I am having a ton of trouble beating Protoss in almost every matchup. With the new changes to observers and Void Ray’s along with the already difficult Zealot and High Templar mixes, what would you suggest I do to start winning some of these games?

Well, I wish that I had some amazing build order that could just fix all of this for you but in SC2 that just doesn’t exist. So we’ll have to rely on some of the core problems with most people's play if they are not in the tip top level of Diamond.

The only way you are going to be able to stop the Protoss death ball is to scout. I know it sounds trivial and basic and you’re probably sitting there and saying to yourself, “Dude, I know to scout. Duh. Noob.”

 I’d be willing to bet, however, that you aren’t. I write an article on Starcraft 2, play Starcraft 2 at least 15+ hours a week, I watch hours and hours of VOD’s, watch Day[9] and djWHEAT all the time and I still don’t do it enough.

Scouting the front is so vitally important, I cannot stress it enough, but here is the best part about playing Terran. Hold on, I’ll whisper it.


Losing to a 4 gate push is one thing. Not only is it very difficult to stop even if it is scouted, it happens so fast that you can get caught in a tech path and be steamrolled. However, most of the new age Protoss play involves a mix of High Templars and these can be stopped with aggressive play.

I don’t know why all of us Terran players have stopped using it, but the 2 rax/1 fac build is still viable and incredibly effective. I would suggest using this opening and pushing out around the 7 or 8 minute mark with a decent mix of Marauders, Marines and 1-2 tanks depending on how good your macro is. This is when I would suggest saving up for a scan and using it on their main. You are checking for four things:

Templar Archives
4 Gate
3 Gate 1 Robo

The only time I would tell you to stop and play some defense is if you see the 4 gate. You will have a difficult time retreating from a 4 gate push with this mix so attacking is probably not wise.

The other three builds all involve some sort of tech and you can stop it with your push. Do not waste your time getting siege mode for that is not the point of this push and you will be wasting your minerals. For a Protoss to be able to tech quickly enough to High Templars or a mix of gateway units and Void Ray’s, they need to be on two bases and they will fast expand.

You can stop this, and probably win the game a few minutes later by showing them the might of the 2 rax/1 fac push. Try it out, and let me know how it works for you.

Let me add that if you watch the GSL, and you saw how Jinro played against MC this go around then I think we may be seeing a new option for TvP. Mech play is difficult to pull off, and you need to have some serious macro to able to keep up with any sort of Gateway unit push. Completed properly, this unit mix can be deadly to the Protoss but be advised. You need a crap ton of gas, so you better expand early and often and make sure you have more than 2 in gas.

Dicey0o00 writes:

Will you ever be expanding this article into video form? I love your stuff and want to see more!


Dicey and all,

This will depend on the popularity of the article. I need to get my readership up so please, tell your friends about InsidereSports.com and get them to come on and read all of our awesome insight. I know, reading is sooooo last decade.

Last but not least, Nik asks:

How do you see the game evolving in the next couple of months? There are so many forums on places like teamliquid where people are flaming Blizzard for” imba” this and “OP” that. Do you think they will make any balance changes and do you see one race jumping out to a significant lead anytime in the near future?

Woohooo boy is this a hard question to answer, but I took it because I want all of you to get my take on this and to hear what I think is a rational opinion on balance in video games. I’m going to make a parallel to athletic sports for a second and I hope this will help some of you understand what I think Blizzard is doing. In American Professional Football (NFL) for example, there are an enormous list of rules to the game and all of these will act as our balance changes. These rules are enforced by humans, i.e. referees, who are on the field and are trying to make the game as fair as humanly possible. For this example, the referees are going to be Blizzard and the balance designers for SC2. They are doing everything in their power to make this game as fair as possible for everyone around, but like the NFL the game is constantly changing.

It's a mailbag...thought it made sense...


Here is a good way to illustrate my point:

Players figured out that they could block the bottom of a ramp with two pylons as Protoss and were able to exploit an enormous weakness for Zerg. Blizzard was quick to fix this issue and now you physically cannot use this strategy. Although this is a minor change, it opens up so many more opportunities for the community to come up with a brand new way to stop someone from a fast expand. In the NFL, you used to be able to hack wide receivers all the way down the field without reprise. Now, you literally cannot touch them until the ball gets there. This would be a balance change.

What I said at the end of that statement is what is so important. The community will ALWAYS be looking for a way to break the game. It is inherent in our Nerd culture to try to figure out a way to be smarter than everyone else, and that includes our computers. We jailbreak our iPhone’s, we use Torrent files, some of the really bad ones even use maphacks on great games like SC2 to get an advantage over their opponents. Doesn’t all of this sound similar to professional sports? Players are using every advantage i.e. steroids, videotaping the other teams practices, and even tripping players when they are out-of-bounds to try to win. But it doesn’t all start and stop with athletes who are getting paid. Have you ever played a game of two hand touch football? Have you ever gotten into a giant screaming match with your friends about, “He didn’t get me with 2 hands, it was only one!” In the nerd world we would call this QQing, right?

The future of SC2 is totally dependent on our ability to see an issue in the game, either exploit it or don’t (that is up to you) and then be able to show Blizzard a need for change. Personally, I don’t mind any of the last patch changes because obviously someone smarter than me decided it was better to have observers cost no minerals or gas… ;) But, seriously, Blizzard is working their tails off to make this game perfect, and although it is not there yet, it is close. People like Idra will always complain, and that my friends, will never ever stop.

To answer the last part of your questions, truthfully I thought that with the last changes that Blizzard made in patch 1.2 I figured Protoss would start to pull away. Evidently, at least at the pro level, I was wrong. Although I cannot beat a Protoss to save my life, it looks as though another Terran will win the GSL this go around. As for what the future holds, I truthfully believe that Zerg will pull ahead and eventually be the most powerful race. But, I imagine all of us will continue to play regardless of what happens because this game is so freaking awesome!

With that my friends, I close a very successful first Monthly Mailbag and Noob Report Vol. 4. Thank you so much for your questions, and please, send me more! Good luck and good gaming.



When I wrote this I was 25th. All of this could change this afternoon when I ladder. Later fools.


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