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The Noob Report Vol. 2

INSIDER ESPORTS FEATURE -- In this weeks The Noob Report, FuriousCrumble discusses Mech and Tech, Medivac Drops, and Hotkeys.


Hello out there fellow noobs and pros alike, and welcome to Volume 2 of the Noob Report.

In this week's report we'll be discussing a new build I've been practicing, we'll go over Medivac drops in detail, and I'll try to help you learn how to use your hotkeys more effectively. So, without further ado, let's jump right into my new build.


Mech and Tech

For those of you who don't know, I mostly play Terran but I tend to mess around with all the other races so that I can stay more aware of what a prospective opponent might do.

"Mech and Tech," is the fun name I've come up with for my newest build with the mighty Terran that I've found to be quite easy and seriously effective in the early mid game. In fact, if you want to see this build in action, check out the VOD's of the leaked North American Blizzard in-house tourney that is being posted on Day[9]'s blip account.

David Kim (dayvie) who is the balance expert for Blizzard and also a top ranked Diamond player in his own right, uses this build perfectly against a Zerg named GnoME. The opening starts out like a standard 1/1/1 opening for Terran but changes as such.
You'll need a second gas quickly which means you'll need to delay your expansion for just a little while. You get a reactor on the Barracks to pump out Marines and you get a tech-lab on the Factory and start researching Infernal Pre-Igniter (Blue flame Hellions, aka death to everything that Zerg can produce).

After the upgrade finishes, swap your Barracks and Factory and start making double Hellions. Get your tech-lab add-on on the Starport as all this is going on and pump out your first Banshee.

FYI: You'll see in the VOD that dayvie goes double Starport, but this is hard to maintain on two Refineries so you'll probably need to expand and get Refinery three and four.

The great thing about this build is that you do not necessarily even need to invest in cloak! I know. I'm blowing your mind already.

As your expansion gets going, you need to be harassing the mineral line with your hellions and either attacking tech structures, mineral line harass, or buildings with the banshees.

Side note: If this is against Zerg, I'd suggest taking out the Queens with your Banshees. You can then transition this play into Ravens (point defense drones and auto turrets work wonders if your opponent gets a bunch of anti-air), Vikings and Tanks, or a standard MMM (Marine, Marauder, Medivac) build.

This is so crazy successful because most players will be ready for one or the other BUT not both. Be mindful though, you must harass early and often or this build will suffer. If you let your opponent catch up to you in Tech, then you will be in dire straits.


Medivac Drops

Ok, so here are my feelings on drops.

It is INCREDIBLY important to be able to incorporate drops into your games, ala ROOT.QXC.

 I know that I have some difficulty being able to properly micro my drop ship so that it doesn't take tons of damage and so that I can continue to macro or push the front as I do it. I have some easy tips on what I do that help me out. I use hotkey "1" as my generic army hot key, but when I'm using drops to harass in the mid game, I use 1 as my drop ship. My fingers are already so used to hitting "1" to begin with, I don't have any issues constantly being aware of where my drops are.

 I use hotkey "2" for my army at the front, that way I can easily switch back and forth between the two unit groups and not get confused as to which is which.

(Side note: I use 4 as my Command Center, 5 Barracks, 6 Factory, 7 Starport, and 0 as my Engineering Bay. If you are not using hotkeys in your game, start.  It will slow you down at first but it will help immeasurably as you progress up your ladder).
 I'll keep referencing QXC throughout this diatribe because of just how good he is with drops, but I do not agree with everything he does. I absolutely think it is imperative to pressure at the front when you drop at the back. If you let your Zerg/Terran/Protoss buddy concentrate his army in one area to stop your harass, you are letting them macro and the drop is null and void.

By pressuring on two fronts at the same time, you are forcing your opponent to constantly be thinking about how to stop you from destroying his economy and his structures, while you focus on macro, expanding and building a death ball.

One thing I absolutely do not like is the, "I'm losing so I better do something to screw up his economy so I'll waste what little units I have left on a drop," drop. I saw QXC try to do this very same thing against Idra in the Boss of the Internet match at the EG Masters Cup, last Sunday night and when I watched PainUser v. White-Ra on the VOD's of the Root gaming's WARZONE tourney.

In both games, Terran was losing but continued to try to press the issue with drops. In my opinion, if you can tell that the game is not going your way, and you would like to come back and maybe have a chance at winning, DON'T WASTE YOUR UNITS!

Let me break it down for ya.

Medivac Drop Ship
Cost: 100 min 100 gas 2 Food
Healing Power: 3 life per 1 energy

Cost: 50 min 1 Food

For the sake of argument let's say that we are just going to drop marines. The Medivac can hold a max of eight slots so it can hold 8 marines and this brings the total cost of your drop to 500 minerals, 100 gas, and 10 food, essentially this one supply depot worth of food and a decent amount of economy.

If you are being attacked at your front and you take a Medivac to do some sort of counter attack drop it better be incredibly successful. If the game is already swinging in your opponents favor, do you really think you are going to be able to do any damage?

Personally, I think your best bet is to bunker up and use those Marines for defense. Let's say for some reason you hit an expansion that doesn't have any defense and you take it out. This is great, but then you almost force your opponent to attack you, and if they are already in the lead, you lose. The argument is that you are using your Medivac's for mobility and that you should be using the units you have. However, the fact that they heal your units and allow you to use stim more effectively makes them more useful in a defensive mindset if you are already losing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't for one second think that my strategy will guarantee you a win when you are behind, or that counter attack drops are not smart. All I'm saying is that think about the situation you are in and try to play calm. If your current attack plan is not working, don't continue to do the same thing over and over again; this is the definition of insanity.

If you are playing Starcraft, chances are you are not insane and you should be thinking and learning all the time.


Ladder at Ya

26th in my Silver League. I've been around .500 this week and I haven't had a lot of time to play.

Been busy with Christmas shopping and the such. Speaking of Christmas and the Holidays, I hope you all have a very merry, remarkable, and safe holiday. But while you're there with the family, don't forget to keep checking up on my twitter @FuriousCrumble and follow me on Tumblr (also at FuriousCrumble).

Thanks for the support!

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