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OSL Round of 36 Week 1 - Group A

Match 1: [T]Leta vs. [P]BestGod - Best of 3

Match 2: Winner vs. [T]Sea[Shield] - Best of 3




            To kick off the BaToo OSL, the Round of 36 began with OGN SPARKYZ Terran powerhouse Leta squaring off against STX SouL Protoss Bestgod. Going into the matchup, Leta was a heavy favorite over Bestgod, although Leta's TvP is his weakest matchup, ringing in a still great 54 percent. Bestgod stood at a measly 22 games played walking into the match, and he rarely saw face time from STX, benched behind Kal, Shuttle and Soo.


            The first game to kick it off was on OGN's new map for the OSL, Tears of the Moon. Similar in layout to Medusa, which game 2 was slated to play on, Tears of the Moon is a 3-player map with spawns a 2 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 10. Bestgod spawns in at the 2 o'clock in red, while Leta starts across the map at the 10 o'clock in blue. Leta goes for a 2-fac expand while Bestgod goes for 1-gate goons. With both players playing blind, Bestgod tries a small attack with about 4 goons and a zealot shortly after Leta's second factory goes up, but Leta's tanks and vultures ward it off. Both players take advantage of the down time to expand. Bestgod techs to a robotics facility with the observatory, then moves for templar tech. Leta slow pushes across the map until he is knocking on Bestgod's door, and before Bestgod's arbiter tech comes to fruition, he's forced to GG


            The next game of the series was on Medusa, a TvP nightmare for most players, except maybe Flash.  It's 16 wins over 6 losses by Protoss players paint a clear picture of what happens next. Spawning in reverse positions of game 1, Bestgod opens up with 2 gates and went for DT drops, while Leta goes for 1fac1port drops. Although it was an unorthodox game, in the end, the map balance prevailed, and after some arbiter play by Bestgod, Leta was forced to type out, tying the series.


            The closing set of the match was on Return of the King, which tilted the game's favor back to Leta. Leta spawns in at 5 o'clock, while Bestgod spawns in at 1. Here we see the lack of diversity by Bestgod, as he once again goes for a DT drop game. Leta goes for the ever-so-successful 2fac build in response. Leta simply sits outside Bestgod's natural and pushes in slowly, outclassing Bestgod in macro by miles. Finally, Bestgod GGs, giving the series to Leta 2-1. Leta gets to take on Sea in the second phase of the Round of 36, Bestgod gets to go back to the practice house to be Julyzerg's punching bag again.



            The second match of the night pit Leta, winner of the first match, against MBCGame HERO's Sea[Shield], who is more famous for his choking in later stages, though being a dominant force in the Proleague, than for his gameplay. TvT is Leta's strong point; where he sits comfortably at a 70% win ratio, while Sea is no slouch either, sporting wins in 61% of his games. It wasn't easy to call a clear favorite, although momentum had to be on Leta's side, both from his earlier wins and just his dominance recently in the Proleague.


            Game 1 was once again on Tears of the Moon, just as it was in the first match. Sea spawns in wearing blue at 2 o'clock while Leta begins at 6 o'clock. Leta opens 2-fac against Sea, while Sea goes for a 1-fac 1-port build. The ensuing game is a very back and forth game, with no one player holding a definitive advantage for very long. Finally, Leta manages to take an advantage and hold onto it. It is only a matter of time before Sea is forced to GG.


            Game 2 would be on Medusa, with Leta riding high on momentum. He begins at 3 o'clock in red, while Sea begins at 11 in purple. Both players mirror the opening, grabbing 1 factory before expanding. Sea tried to gain an advantage this game by trying to break in through the back temples on Medusa, but Leta caught him in the act and he was forced to retreat. The rest of the game is characterized by mistakes by Sea and flawless play by Leta. Eventually, Sea was too far behind and typed out, and the series was Leta's in 2 games.



Leta 2:1 Bestgod

Leta 2:0 Sea


Leta advances to the OSL Round of 16

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