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Blight add CS

Blight add professional CS roster

Blight Gaming, an organization with a background with mixed reviews by it’s former players, have added a new team to their organization at the top level north american cs 1.6 team. They have a history with CS, having sponsored the then Dynasty roster which later became Excello, as well as sponsoring a Canadian roster which would win the Canadian WCG and represent the organization at WCG grand finals in 2009.  

The roster appears to be exceptionally strong, with fraggers in Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez, Travis "tubby" Bechtol, Paul "Adrenaline" Baker and Bryan "buskey" Buskey, and Chris "truls" Navatrail coming out of what was supposed to be a would be retirement to compete with the team. With that amount of sheer amount of talent the team hopes to make a major splash at the upcoming events mainly the ESEAi playoffs which are coming up soon.

Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez told blight-gaming.com that “ We're excited as a team to be joining the Blight Gaming Org.  We have an ESEA Invite LAN coming up and with the financial backing of Blight it made the trip a lot easier to get to with a lot less to worry about.  They're very, very limited homes for 1.6 teams to join that are able to fully back the team with what they need.  Being in contact with Blight for less then two weeks they have given us more then what most organizations can give already.  The future looks good with us being apart of Blight and we hope to have this home for quite some time.“

Blight Gaming now has:
Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez ,
Bryan "buskey" Buskey,
Travis "tubby" Bechtol
Chris "truls" Navatrail,
Paul "Adrenaline" Baker


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