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MLG DC Live Blog - Day 2

Alex "AGar" Gardner will be live-blogging updates while he follows MLG's event in Washington DC. Follow along for updates as they come in.

Day 2

(8:45 AM) -- 1 hour and 15 minutes till things go live. 

(7:03 AM) -- I apologize for disappearing last night. My internet decided to completely crash after the second game between Machine and Talbadar started. Updates will be streaming in largely uninterrupted today. Preview/recap article going up soon as well. 

Day 1

(8:13 PM) -- Machine takes game 1 on Xel'Naga Caverns, moving to game 2 on Metalopolis. Round 1 results still not fully in. 

(8:06 PM) -- TorcH wins his first set against PainUser, moving on to the Round of 32 to face White-Ra in the second round. 

(7:57 PM) -- Machine moving into the stream again, playing notable WoW player Talbadar.

(7:50 PM) -- White-Ra wins 2-0 over ThisIsJimmy. Round of 32 looking to have a number of blockbuster matchups. 

(7:43 PM) -- EG.Inka wins 2-0, EG.LzGaMeR wins as well. 

(7:38 PM) -- TLAF-Liquid`Ret beats EG.Machine 2-0, taking game 2 on Metalopolis with a beautiful counter with a roach/zergling combination. Idra, Tyler, Drewbie, SeleCT, Time, and Agh are also all through to the Round of 32, notably.

(7:04 PM) -- Things are well underway with the Round of 64. Ret vs. Machine is going to be streamed at 7:20. 

(6:51 PM) -- Wave 2 is underway. Matchups slowly being fed to the outside world. 

(6:48 PM) -- Qxc goes 2-0 into the Round of 32. The bracket still seems to have a lot of issues, including what seems to be some Halo teams in the mix. Masq, from Inflow Gaming, has also won, a 2-1 victory over Wonkman. 3rd game was on Lost Temple, with Masq scoring a crucial Nexus snipe in Wonkman's main.

(6:43 PM) -- The bracket is starting to come into place here. Still a lot of names missing.

(6:39 PM) -- Root Gaming's SLush wins 2-0 to move on, putting the first Zerg in the Round of 32.

(6:34 PM) -- Qxc is up 1-0 over bluewolf., while HuK has beaten his opponent, flexx 2-0. Gretorp and Kiwikaki have also won their first round matches 2-0. 

(6:23 PM) -- New update thanks to Slasher - Games are indeed underway, but no big games will be played until the stream is live. Also, thanks to EG, EG.iNcontroL is through to the round of 32 with a 2-0 victory against an unnamed Zerg player. 

(6:13 PM) -- Update thank's to Team Liquid - No bracket will be announced until the Round of 32, and the Round of 64 will not be casted. In the meantime, while you wait, check out MLG's interview with Ukrainian Protoss player White-Ra here

(6:09 PM) -- Several matchups appear to have been announced on-site, including EG.Machine vs. TLAF-Liquid`Ret. No bracket is up from MLG. EG.iNcontroL is underway in his first game, a PvZ. No stream working yet here. 

(5:48 PM) -- Aaaand... no stream as of yet. Updates now remove the "15 minutes." Kinda funny. 

(5:30 PM) -- Word from MLG is that everything will be going live in 15. Get excited, people! 

(5:24 PM) -- Just getting set up now. Bracket still doesn't go live for another half hour. Players have apparently been instructed to stop playing for a players meeting. (I'm not on-site, for the curious. It's just a lot more efficient to live blog this rather than a million and one newsposts).

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