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IEM America Live Blog

Alex "AGar" Gardner is live on site at the ESL Intel Extreme Masters American Championships covering Day 1 of the StarCraft 2 tournament. Follow here for constant updates of the action.

Group Standings 

Group A

1. TLAF-Liquid`HuK 2-0 (4:1)

2. Root.Drewbie 1-1 (3:2)

2. vVv-MurDeR 1-1 (3:2)

4. Root.SUGGY 0-2 (1:4)

Group B

1. FnaticMSI.Fenix 2-0 (4:0)

2. Root.KiWiKaKi 1-1 (3:2) 

3. Root.qxc 1-1 (2:3) 

4. compLexity.Silver 0-2 (0:4) 


(5:58 PM) -- I'm heading out, but check back later tonight for a full recap and preview of Day 2. AGar, out. 

(5:55 PM) -- Fenix takes game 1, now onto Game 2 on Xel'Naga Caverns.

(5:44 PM) -- Kiwikaki and Fenix are starting Blistering Sands, all of the round 3 games are supposed to be underway right now.

(5:20 PM) -- Qxc takes Game 3 on Metalopolis, now waiting for the last round of games to start. 

(5:02 PM) -- Qxc pulls off a comeback against Kiwikaki and takes Game 2. Game 3 is on Metalopolis, with qxc at 6 and Kiwikaki at 9.

(4:45 PM) -- Kiwikaki takes Game 1 when qxc goes reapers. Game 2 is already underway on Lost Temple. Kiwikaki at 8, qxc at 6.

(4:39 PM) -- Game 1 between Kiwikaki and qxc is underway on Delta Quadrant. Kiwikaki is blue at the 5 o'clock, qxc is red at 11.

(4:25 PM) -- GG from Silver, Fenix is 2-0 and almost guaranteed to advance. Silver is most likely eliminated. Kiwikaki vs qxc is next.

(4:10 PM) -- Fenix takes G1 on Scrap Station. Silver types "FF" instead of "GG". Game 2 on Lost Temple is underway.

(3:42 PM) -- After a long day, we're up and running! Peawok, Dinosaur and Neoteny are here too. StarCraft 2's group stages are in the midst of things. Huk is leading his group 2-0, beating Suggy and Drewbie, while Drewbie is 1-1, beating Murder. Murder is 1-1, beating Suggy, who is 0-2. In group B, Fenix and Kiwikaki are both up 1-0, beating qxc and Silver 2-0, respectively. We're on break before the next game which is Silver and Fenix.

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