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Bracket Size, Prize Money Increased For MLG Dallas

MLGPRO.COM - Both the bracket sizes and the prize pools have been increased for the StarCraft 2 event at the final stop on MLG's Pro Circuit - the National Championship event in Dallas.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and MLG has taken that phrase to heart. At MLG Dallas, with the National Championship on the line for MLG's Pro Circuit, the bracket size for StarCraft 2 will be increased to 128 players, and the prize pool will total $17,500, up from $7,000 at the stops at Raleigh, NC and Washington DC. The doubling of the player pool comes after much success in the first two events, with player passes selling out rapidly.

The event will give 32 passes to the 32 players invited to the stop at Washington DC, while 80 passes will be on sale to the general public. The final 16 passes will be given to top players at MLG's discretion. The top prize will be a total of $6,250 along with the title of MLG 2010 StarCraft 2 National Champion, over double that of the events in Raleigh and Washington DC.

The event, which will take place between November 5th and 7th, will have the largest prize pool yet for any StarCraft 2 event outside of South Korea, and promises to be one of the top events of 2010. Passes go on sale Oct. 7, 2010 at 7 PM ET, and will surely sell out fast, so if you want in on your shot for the National Championship, don't miss out on this opportunity.

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