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ARENAZERO - Former GotFrag writer MIRAA sits down with ArenaZero to talk about his departure from GotFrag.com.

MIRAA, who is a well-known writer, recently left GotFrag at a similar time as others were leaving.  He answers this situation by saying "Hi. My departure is not related with the other guys' departures. I left because MLG has decided to focus on its games instead of Counter-Strike, which means that we would have no budget during 2009 for this game."

Also, he states that MLG may be limiting the budget of 1.6 to focus on its own games.  "I am not 100% sure, I guess GotFrag will continue covering WoW and COD 4. CS will also continue, but only with volunteer work."

MIRAA states at the end of his Q&A that he is looking to move to another place, and that he has received some offers.


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quote#1 US tensionz 04/01/2009 - 05:25:23
Well then I guess this site was made just in time. ;)

quote#2 CA jFRo 04/01/2009 - 16:01:39
Originally posted by US tensionzWell then I guess this site was made just in time. ;)

Agreed, but this site still needs a lot of improvements. Although whoever is in charge of the making the news banners is doing an amazing job

quote#3 US JustiN-_^ 05/01/2009 - 21:40:17
As long as they don't hire idiots, this website should do fine.

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