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EG gets dboorn; GFN retires

Evil geniuses add Derek “dBoorn” Boorn as Ediz “Goodfornonthing” Basol has decided to retire

Evil Geniuses, the best team in north America, has been forced to acquire former compLexity all star Derek “dBoorn” Boorn as their long time player Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol as decided to retire from counter-strike after a year of success with the roster.

Basol joined after long time team mate to Danny “fRoD” Montaner and Tyler “Storm” Woods good friend and team mate Matt “Warden” Dickens decided to retire just after WCG grand finals in chengdu china last year, and has helped the team win two ESEAi events, IEM north american championship, WCG USA national finals, WCG shootout 2010  as well as placing fourth at IEM global finals and winning MSi’s BEAT IT! over fnatic a little over three weeks ago.

Boorn is also had a strong career, playing with the now former compLexity lineup where he won three CEVOp seasons, an ESEAi season, EG’S master cup  as well as WCG Quiver Shootout in 2009 and placing second to EG at IEM north American championship,  three ESEAi seasons and placing third at Dreamhack winter 2009.

Alex Garfield, executive director of EG told myeg.net that:
“Derek is a player we’ve been eyeing for quite some time and have just recently had the opportunity of pursuing,” stated Alex Garfield, Executive Director of Evil Geniuses.“We were very sad to see Ediz go, as he was an incredible player, teammate, and person.  But with his decision to retire, we’re excited to welcome Derek’s talent, personality, and passion, and give him the opportunity to be embraced by his new teammates. We’re sure the team’s chemistry and ability will be empowered by his presence.”

EG now has one of the most talented teams in North American counter-strike, being close to the team3D roster which featured Griffin “Shaguar” Benger, Mikey “Method”So, Kyle “ksharp” Miller and many more.

EG now has:
Jordan “N0thing” Gilbert
Danny “fRoD” Montaner
Tyler “Storm” Wood
Trevor “tubby” Bechtol
Tomi “Lurppis” Kovenan
Derek “dBoorn” Boorn

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