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Frag Dominant acquire Grid05

Frag Dominant has acquired Grid05 as their new 1.6 team

Frag Dominant - which came back from the a almost dead early this summer - has announced their new 1.6 roster. The roster with be Grid05 which bears a stark resemblance to the turmoil roster which contended for the top in North America in 2008. Derrick "impulsive" Troung,  Joe "perez" Perez,   Matt "PaTyoJoN" Iantosca, and  Ben "ben" Hui all played on that roster and they are only missing one player - Ediz “gfn” Basol who now plays for the beset team in north America, EG.

To fill in the roster they have added young talent Tyler "willsoN" Willson who has played with Iantosca and Perez before as well as a slew of other top team in the last year and a half. This experienced roster may have the chemistry and the talent to compete in the now revived North American pro scene, although it may not be enough to over throw the current kings of North America counter-strike EG.

Press release below:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 22, 2010 – Frag Dominant, LLC, one of North America's leading eSports organizations, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Counter-Strike team Grid 05.

After a short period of inactivity from the organization, Frag Dominant felt it needed to jump back into the scene with the help of a popular CS squad.  Company CEO Orlando Garcia spoke with team captain Tyler "willsoN" Willson of Grid 05, and shortly after an agreement was met.  The new faces of Frag Dominant's Counter-Strike team will be participating in many online and offline events in the months to come.

"It's good to be back with an organization that can back its players with whatever they need," said leader Tyler "willsoN" Willson.  "I'm looking forward to playing on another team with hanzo at the helm.  Look for us to do some damage in 2011."

"I'm delighted with how smooth negotiations went with Tyler and the team; we couldn't have asked for a better bunch of guys to have representing us in the final months of 2010 and the New Year to come," said Orlando Garcia, President and CEO of Frag Dominant, LLC.  "Keep an eye out for us as we embark on a new journey and penetrate the global Counter-Strike scene by force."

Official Frag Dominant CS Roster:  
Tyler "willsoN" Willson            
Matt "PaTyoJoN" Iantosca
Ben "ben" Hui
Derrick "impulsive" Troung
Joe "perez" Perez

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