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Counter-Strike Shakedown #11

Feature -- Forrest "var1ables" Campbell releases #11 of his Counter Strike 1.6 Shakedown.  This series will look at happenings in eSports the past week and his opinion on what's going on.

Note:  None of this is the opinion Insider eSports or it’s sponsor(s). This is just my no-named wannabe-journalist opinion.


compLexity picked up an ESWC champion. And no, it’s not the one you’re thinking of. It’s the former MiBR roster that won ESWC right after coL one their first one with fRoD and CO. FireGamers has not been seen much in the last year and a half due to the lack of funds that the team has had to deal with, and hopefully with the money that coL can put up they can go to the international events and give South America some hope again.

Just looking at the roster makes me excited, with Lincoln "fnx" Lau and extremely good sniper Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo being flanked by great leader and great experience in Bruno "bit" Fukuda Renato "nak" Nakano and Bruno "bruno" Ono showing that this roster is the perfect mix of young talent and experienced intelligence need to play counter-strike at the top level. However it seems that this roster is pretty inconsistent as they were sent to the lower bracket in the last two events they have attended in their native Brazil before coming back and winning from the lower bracket above EG and MiBR respectively. If it had been a standard bo3 single elimination bracket this roster would’ve been out - and neither of those recent wins would’ve been recorded.

New Power Gaming

Power gaming lost their longtime member Max "ruuit" Aspe who had been with the team for almost five years and has more sponsors/organization sponsoring himself and his team than i have fingers on my hand. And right when they find a stable org.....he gets a kid. Good on him, he’s got the next generation to take care of and that should be his first - and only - priority outside of providing for his new family as a whole.

Aspe was a big force for his team - just google his name to see some of his highlights and his crafty play throughout the years. Even better is that despite his years playing the game he showed that he could still frag like he always did. Now Kimmo “BASiC” Fagerholm  is a little more of a mystery - at least to me - as i don't know his body of work as well as lets say...anyone. I’ll have to do some research on him and watch some demos but as  Mark "jESUIT" Cheben put it so aptly on Liveon3 about a Swedish roster move, I doubt that they picked up a player that’s wearing a helmet. I’m sure he can frag and can that he’s got a good in-game sense seeing as he’ll be required to be a top player in Finland now.

IEM gets a TV show

ESL’s Intel Extreme Master series, the premier competition in counter-strike and quake as well as hosting games in counter-strike as well, has announced that they will have a 25 minute television show on europsport. It will feature starcraft II, quake, and - most importantly - counter-strike.

I think this is a great thing for their sponsors - it gets more eyes and could possibly lead to more mainstream sponsors into their tournaments - but not great for eSports. We aren't big enough. Statistically the market they want are now going away from televisions and are almost exclusively watching things that are online only. The cost to the brand may be more than the potential sponsors which will be interested in the brand after seeing it on television.

However hopefully it will draw people to watching more eSports - whether it be starcraft II quakelive or the best game ever made counter-strike(sorry battle toads) - and that’s great for the sport as a whole. It is unknown if it will be syndicated in the states, I seriously doubt it, but it’d be sick to see it on ESPN or fox sports.

ESEAi week1 recap

Evil Geniuses take the top spot for the week taking the first two games with little trouble. Their first game against WinOut went much like their meeting at WCG last week, hell they used the same roster, with EG rolling the team 16 - 3 and n0thing putting crazy numbers - 36 kills, 4 assists and  9 deaths with no bomb plants or defusals - showing that it wasn’t just one weekend of domination. Their second game was a little closer, where they beat PLP 16 - 11 and fRoD showed why he is still the best in north America with a strong 22 - 18 game, however icy also showed he’s not anything to shake a stick at either as he put up an even more impressive 25 - 18, albeit with 1 bomb plant.  Making them 2 - 0 overall.

The Canadian representative AREA51 Winning 16 - 0 - GRT putting up 20 - 2 - 2 with no bomb anything and medic putting up a 18 - 4 -  3 with 1 bomb plant - started out strong with a win over Ruins but started to falter a little  to Hausen eSports, a move up from main, although medic put up an impressive 26 - 7 - 13 game overall and Hausen’s HandleD db had a 25 - 1 - 18 game leading his team, although they narrowly lost the game.

Other notable teams like Winout and ruins are not coming out to as strong of a start as they could have -  WinOut has a 2 - 2 record winning 16 - 9 over exultance, 16 - 14 over PoV and a loss to EG as stated before in an embarrassing 16 - 3 match and a 6 round loss to ruins 16 - 10. Loaded came out 2 - 0 with a win over PLP and eXultance. Ruins came out 2 - 1, PLP 2 - 2, Finesse 1 - 2, Hausen 1 - 2, PoV 0 - 1, mL-gaming 0 -1 and finally eXultance 0 - 4.

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