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Power Gaming lose ruuit

Power gaming lose long time Finnish player Max "ruuit" Aspe as he will becoming a father

Power Gaming has lost one of it’s long time players as Max "ruuit" Aspe has decided to go retire from professional counter-strike as his first child will be coming this up coming fall and has decided to be more of a father rather than a counter-strike. Aspe has played the game at a top level for over 5 years - known as his time with hoorai, astralis, crack clan, power gaming and many more - and has consistently been one of the biggest reason for the core of power gaming’s success throughout the years.

They will be picking up Kimmo “BASiC” Fagerholm as a replacement until Aspe has confirmed his decision to retire form the team and the team in any form.  Fagerholm was a player for the impressive playzone roster which has been impressive during both the WCG Nordic qualifier - despite their poor placement - and strong in the ESL’s EPS Nordic season.

Power Gaming gave a statement on powergaming.com from the captain Joona "natu" Leppanen:
"Today is both a sad and a happy day. Our good friend Max "ruuit" Aspe has decided, together with the team - that he is going to be stepping aside from his active duties as a player for the time being. Although the reason is a very happy one - as his first child is going to be born this fall - we are obviously sad that one of the core members of our team is not going to be joining us on our adventures for a while atleast. We would like to stress the fact that this was a joined decision and he is still very much a part of the team - and we might be seeing him helping us out should we need that in the immediate future. However it is understandable that with his life situation, he won´t be able to commit as much time to the team as himself and the team would want. We would like to use this opportunity to wish Max and his girlfriend all the best with their forthcoming parenthood and wish Max a happy paternity leave. :-)

We would like to welcome Kimmo "BASiC" Fagerholm into the team as of today. He will be competing with us during the remainder of this year - and we´ll be re-evaluating the situation with Max in the beginning of 2011. BASiC is a young talented player, who has been around in the scene for many years now. This is his first opportunity to play with the most internationally experienced players in Finland. We strongly believe that he will be a great asset to the team and that his hunger and strive will feed more energy into our lineup. You´ll be seeing him in action tonight in our IEM round Q1 game!"

Power Gaming:
Niko "naSu" Kovanen
Tino "tihOp" Puumala
Samu "plastE" Alto
Joona "natu" Leppanen
Kimmo "BASiC" Fagerholm

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