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CompLexity Add Former Firegamers, Make coL.br Official

The well-known American organization CompLexity Gaming have picked up Brazilian team FireGamers, who are primarily made up of former MiBR players, including fan-favorites Bruno “bit” Fukuda Lima and Lincoln “fnx” Lau.

FireGamers has had some recent success, winning WCG Pan-Am over EG and the WCG spot for Brazil. However, they’ve had a tough time with their national competition, with CnB gaming and MiBR both giving FireGamers a run for their money, furthermore they have not played in many international competitions in the last six months, calling their international viability into question.

Founder and CEO of the compLexity Gaming organization, Jason “1” Lake, told CompLexityGaming.com:

“We couldn’t be happier with this decision. We believe this group of players has the right mixture of skill, attitude, and dedication to be a top contender on the global scene if given the right support. The fact that the squad has maintained a stable roster during a difficult time displays a loyalty that’s hard to find these days. We have high expectations and are hopeful that more international events will only make them better over time.

Also, it is still our wish to field another North American team in the future. Since our return from CGS we have diligently tried to find success but it has proved elusive. If the right opportunity arises we will not hesitate to support two Counter-Strike squads, but as of right now coL.br will represent The Syndicate in 1.6.”

CompLexity recently dropped their former roster due to unprofessionalism.  The team was supposed to attend an event in China, however, they opted not to fly after one player forgot his VISA.  The former CompLexity team now plays under the name, PoV.

coL.br is:

  Bruno “bit” Fukuda Lima
  Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo de Alcantara
  Renato “nak” Nakano
  Bruno “Bruno1j” Ono
  Lincoln “fnx” Lau

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