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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - Day 3 of WCG USA will kick off today, with the Upper Bracket, Lower Bracket and Grand Finals. Three players remain in contention for the spot.

The final day of WCG USA kicks off today, with EG.Nyoken, RaNgeD and G5 competing in the final three for the one spot to the WCG Grand Finals. The day will kick off with the upper bracket finals, where G5 and Ranged will duke it out. The loser will face EG.Nyoken in the lower bracket finals, and the winner will advance to the Grand Finals, where they will have to win two best-of-3s against the upper bracket finals winner.

SCBW 2010

Upper Bracket Finals

G5 2:0 RaNgeD

Lower Bracket Finals

EG.Nyoken 2:0 RaNged

Grand Finals

G5 1:2 EG.Nyoken

G5 2:1 EG.Nyoken

G5 is your WCG USA champion and will advance to the WCG Grand Finals! 

Note: Nyoken will have to win 2 Best of 3 series to win the Grand Finals. 

After a long 3 days of tough play, Eric "G5" Rothmuller is the champion of WCG USA's StarCraft: Brood War tournament, clinching the spot to the WCG 2010 Grand Finals in Los Angeles, losing only 4 games in the entire tournament, all to Nyoken. He will represent the USA in Group B, where he will be up against the likes of Kal, from South Korea, Lx, from China, Heme, from Russia and Mexican champion Small.

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