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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - The second day of group play has concluded at WCG USA, with another unexpected run to the semifinals.

Group B competed today, with EG.Nyoken, EG.Machine, EG.iNkA, RaNgeD and Semih playing for the other two spots in the bracket stage alongside G5 and andreyy. Surprisingly, Ranged took the entire group by storm, beating everyone else along the way and taking the top spot in the group. The second spot went to Nyoken, who only dropped his series against Ranged at the end of the group. Nyoken's teammates Machine and Inka took home 3rd and 4th in the group, respectively, further illustrating the massive advantage given to players who have stuck with Brood War as opposed to switching over to StarCraft 2. Semih was unable to take a set in his WCG USA debut, taking the last slot in the group.

Final Standings Group B

1. RaNgeD 4-0 (8-2)*

2. EG.Nyoken 3-1 (7-3)*

3. EG.Machine 2-2 (6-4)

4. EG.iNkA 1-3 (2-6)

5. Semih 0-4 (1-8) 

Complete Results - Group B

EG.iNkA 0:2 RaNgeD

EG.Machine 1:2 EG.Nyoken 

RaNgeD 2:1 Semih

EG.iNka 0:2 EG.Machine

Semih 0:2 EG.Nyoken

RaNgeD 2:1 EG.Machine

Machine 2:0 Semih

Nyoken 2:0 EG.iNkA

Semih 0:2 EG.iNkA

EG.Nyoken 1:2 RaNgeD 


The bracket stage is set, with the first round being G5 vs. EG.Nyoken and RaNgeD vs Andreyy. The bracket is double elimination, with the top player getting the bid to the WCG Grand Finals later this month in Los Angeles.



Upper Bracket Round 1 Results

G5 2:1 EG.Nyoken

RaNgeD 2:1 Andreyy

Lower Bracket Round 1 Results 

EG.Nyoken 2:1 Andreyy 

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