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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - The first day of WCG USA is in the books, with Group A coming to a close, but not without it's own surprises.

The first day of the StarCraft tournament at WCG USA is in the books. The five players in Group A competed round-robin for two spots in the four player bracket stage. Group favorite Eric "G5" Rothmuller cruised through the group with relative ease, going 4-0 without dropping a game. The second spot came down to a TvZ series between Andrey "Andreyy" Yatsenko and Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson. Andreyy, who revealed he has stuck with Brood War over StarCraft 2 to djWHEAT earlier in the course of the day, came out on top with a 2-0 victory over Incontrol, who has instead made the switch to being a StarCraft 2 player full-time. With the victory, Andreyy advanced to the bracket round in the second slot, and will play the winner of Group B, while G5 will play the second place finisher in the opposite group.

Final Standings - Group A 

1. G5  4-0 (8-0)*

2. andreyy 3-1 (7-3)*

3. EG.iNcontroL 2-2 (4-4)

4. iG.Sterling 1-3 (3-7)

5. JoeKim 0-4 (1-8) 

* - Advanced to bracket stage 

Complete Results - Group A

EG.iNcontroL 2:0 JoeKim 

G5 2:0 andreyy 

JoeKim 1:2 iG.Sterling

EG.iNcontroL 0:2 G5

iG.Sterling 1:2 andreyy

JoeKim 0:2 G5

G5 2:0 iG.Sterling

andreyy 2:0 EG.iNcontroL 

iG.Sterling 0:2 EG.iNcontroL

andreyy 2:0 JoeKim 

Today Group B will kick things off, and after they are completely played out, the first round of the upper bracket, the upper bracket finals, and the first round of the lower bracket will be played out, while the lower bracket finals and grand finals will be played Sunday. Group B play will kick off at 10:30 AM PDT (1:30 PM EDT) and the bracket stage will kick off at 3:30 PM PDT (6:30 PM EDT)


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