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HOLLYWOOD, California -- WCG USA is live in Hollywood today with Counter Strike 1.6 teams Evil Geniuses, Loaded, PoV and more.  InkA, Nyoken, Machine, IncontroL and more go head to head in StarCraft: Brood War.

Insider eSports is live with WCG USA today starting at 2pm Pacific time for StarCraft: Brood War and Counter Strike 1.6, and whatever else fancies us today, of course.

On the Counter Strike end, Evil Geniuses, despite being down their stratcaller Lurrpis, will have a good shot at taking the top seed in their group and winning the event overall.  However, PoV, the former CompLexity squad, definitely look like major competition for the team.  Loaded, too, will be a major threat as they are quickly moving up the professional scene rungs, being widely considered America's number three and rumored to be the new CompLexity roster should they win this weekend.

StarCraft Broodwar looks equally interesting.  Nyoken has not left the Broodwar scene like many of his counterparts, so he definitely has a leg up on he likes of Machine or IncontroL, who have been playing StarCraft 2 since it came out.  Our lead StarCraft writer, Agar, has written a preview for group play this weekend.  You can find that here.

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