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Loaded Change One

Loaded makes a roster change before the first week of ESEAi

Loaded, the second best team in North America, has announced that they have changed a player immediately before the ESEAi season begins. This makes the majority of the team new to this year - as this is the third move the roster has made in the Paul "Adrenaline" Baker and Anthony "djibouti" Manosca with Scott "evolution" Cavallero and Sean "sgares" Gares.  

Liridon "quas" Ademaj has been added to the roster in place of Shaun “hostile” Catron who can not attend further events for unexplained reasons. It should be noted that this has happened before with Catron, as he could not play with the then second best team in America Gravitas due to commitments with school taking priority to the team - as well as other reasons which were not stated.

"We had to make a move due to Hostile going back to school and he was not able to put in the necessary time to practice. This was a move that I am ok making as for these young adults, schooling and family always comes first before gaming," Brandon Freytag, Loaded's Owner, told ESEANews.

Loaded’s Matt "Stealth" Wardrop added that:
"We are very happy with Quas joining the roster, as he fits in well with the rest of the team, and expecting them to do very well in the upcoming WCG USA event."

Loaded Roster:
Nazar "steno "Vynnytsky
Sean "sgares" Gares
Scott "evolution" Cavallero
Paul "pauLy" Guerboyan
Liridon "quas" Ademaj

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