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Team liquid sign  Jos "Ret" De Kroon from Denmark

Team liquid, one of the most prestigious Starcraft teams with one of the longest history's in gaming, has signed Jos "Ret" De Kroon from LLL, who has had been  gone from the scene for the last couple months due to unstated circumstances. Kroon made big waves in the international starcraft scene when he went to Korea to play with eStro but left a little over a month of being there due to him being homesick and being unable to communicate with his would be team mates.
He gave these statements to teamliquid.net about his signing and other activity's in starcraft:
I'm very excited to say that I will be joining Team Liquid! I've known Nazgul for 10 years and when I just started playing SC:BW I was always begging him to let me join the team. This was before it became a huge community/website, and well, who would've thought it would happen in 2010? I look forward to representing Liquid in tournaments and hopefully helping them in their quest for world domination.

Teamliquid now has:
Jos "Ret" De Kroon
Victor "nazgul" goossens
Tyler  "NoNY" Wasieleski
Dario "TLO" Wunsch
Johnathan "jinro" walsh
Hayder "haypro" Hussein


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