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GotFrag hosts TF2 Invitational

GOTFRAG.COM - GotFrag announces TF2 invitational for 8 professional teams.

The tournament will be held from January 6th to January 22nd, every Tuesday and Thursday.  It is 6v6, with double-elimination and the top two finishers will receive prizes.  The prizes are, in order, $900.00 and some gaming gear (6 sets), and $120.00 with a smaller amount of gaming gear (6 sets) for the second-place finisher.  The teams invited are deemed appropriate to compete by GotFrag.

Teams invited (by seed #):

1. Pandemic
2. eMazing Gaming
3. iDemise
4. Apoplexy Industries
5. Sway Gaming
6. Xensity
7. Frag Dominant (frm. vPolice)
8. Team Dynamic

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Jan 6th - Round 1
Thursday, Jan 8th - Winners Bracket Round 2, Losers Bracket Round 1
Tuesday, Jan 13th - Losers Bracket Round 2
Thursday, Jan 15th - Winners Bracket Final, Losers Bracket Round 3
Tuesday, Jan 20th - Losers Bracket Final
Thursday, Jan 22nd - Grand Final


To view more information, click here.

Insider eSports will be covering this tournament.

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