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POV Adds Former CompLexity

Former compLexity roster added to one of their former organization, Paragon of Virtue.
The former compLexity roster, the second best team in north american by many accounts, has found a new home in one of their former organization Paragon of Virtue.  The former roster has won three straight CEVOp championships against rivals Evil Geniuses but played less than their best at ESEAi where they placed third under loaded and Evil Geniuses leading to a roster change dropping Scott "evolution" Cavellero for former teammate Andrew "irukandji" Timmerman. They went on to win the EG Master cup qualification for MSi's BEAT IT! final which would have taken place this weekend if three of their players had not missed their flights to the finals which caused them to be dropped from the compLexity organization yesterday.
Derrick "dBoorn" Boorn told ESEAnews.com that: 
“Replacing Tom isn't something any of us were jumping to do,” said Boorn. “Even though this isn't a "team" and this isn't a "roster change," Tom gave us little to no space to work with when making this decision. We knew we had to look elsewhere as things would always be a little off due to this unfortunate turn of events. With that said, it is what it is and we're past that for the most part and we're all looking forward to the upcoming events instead of dwelling on the past.”
“David was an obvious choice for us due to our past with him,” said Boorn. “David has competed with Drew, Jeff and I for years and has been to countless local LANs with Kevin. David's someone we have complete faith and confidence in to fill-in and not miss a beat chemistry wise. Another crucial factor is he is still extremely familiar with how we play and we still use some of the tactics we did when he was on the team before due to Drew being a lackluster leader and not being innovative. We all get along well outside of game and he's someone we've all kept in close contact with no matter what is going on in the CS world. He has a really laid-back attitude and is very easy to play with. He has a great CS mind and his awareness is one of his better attributes so I have no worries about how we'll play in LA.” 
Boorn also would like to offer a public apology to the compLexity organization and it's management: 
“I would like to extend an open apology to Jason Lake, Alex Conroy and Jason Bass for all the events that have transpired. You were never deserving of this and on behalf of the entire team, we appreciate all that you've done for us and are forever grateful for the opportunities your organization opened up for us. We've had our differences, just as every relationship does, but you've always had our backs and supported us entirely. Enabling us to live our dream is something we could never thank you enough for and we were extremely fortunate because of you and all the hard work you put in.” 
PoV now has:
 Kevin "aZn" Wang
 David "savi0r" Park
 Derek "dboorN" Boorn
 Jeff "hero" Mettetal
 Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman 

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