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KeSpa/MBC - GOMtV Contract Negotiations Shut Down

According to TeamLiquid.net two big forces in the south korean starcraft scene have yet to make a contract which statisfy their and GOMtv's demands.

GOMtv was given the exclusive broadcasting rights to Starcraft: Brood War, Starcraft II and every other Blizzard game they have released thus far right before the beta ended it's first phase and have been allowed by blizzard to negotiate with the three major forces in Korea - KeSPA, MBC and OGN. OGN's contract was finish by mid july but the other two, KeSPA which holds the image rights to all the players and is formed of all the sponsors in the Korean scene, and MBC, rival broadcasting company to OGN that is right in the middle of it's two starcraft leagues - the Pro League in a team format and it's MSL, the individual league. 

MBC's situation has broken down due to the fact they have refused to pay Gretech the monetary compensation which Gretech demanded from MBC for it's two events. After the talks broke down the first time in mid july Gretech offered the same rules that they gave OGN for their league, the OSL, but MBC would still not agree to the contract.

 KeSPA's situation  is similar, demanding reimbursement from the Korean-government backed organization for the money they have made since the license was given to the organization due to, as they claim, all they money generated from the league goes straight back into it. And without that said reimbursement, Gretech can not allow the pro league to contine as it compete directly with GSL which has held it's qualifiers and is entering the round of 64 in the next month.





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