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INSIDER ESPORTS - Team Dignitas picks up former Birmingham Salvo CS:S Team.

After the CGS died, the Salvo players were looking for a new team.  They decided to go back to their former team and manager, with Team Dignitas.  Salvo was at the top of the CGS when it died. 

One player, Sam "RattlesnK" Gawn, made a statement: "It’s been quite an adventure for us all this past year whilst we pursued our goal of becoming the World Champions of the Championship Gaming Series and I can honestly say that it was an experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. The opportunity that we took was only made possible because of an organisation who believes players should reach their dreams. Dignitas had no obligation to terminate our contracts until later that year, but instead they gracefully allowed us to be drafted and prosper into the team that we are today. In this pretence, it seems only right that we repay their faith by returning home to our roots."

The manager, Michael "ODEE" O'Dell, who was already the manager of Team Dignitas when the Salvo players left, said "I am delighted that after a short gap, I can be reunited with my CS:Source squad and of course the highly talented individuals it contains. Working with them as professionals in the CGS was an awesome experience and we all enjoyed our time in that organisation. That is in the past now and we as an organisation will continue our support for the scene as we had done previously. I would like to say welcome back and I look forward to more of the same from the team in 2009 with a dignitas tag."

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