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Counter Strike Shakedown #8

Feature -- Forrest "var1ables" Campbell releases #8 of his Counter Strike 1.6 Shakedown.  This series will look at happenings in eSports the past week and his opinion on what's going on.

Note:  None of this is the opinion Insider eSports or it’s sponsor(s). This is just my no-named wannabe-journalist opinion.

Lions confirm Squad purchase

Well it looks like it’s official, Lions have picked up H2K-gaming’s CS team as their new CS team. So It looks like the players did really want absolutely nothing to do with the H2K organization, whatever that means is up to the reader.

As stated before this is a win win for both rosters, Lions get a strong CS team and the former H2K roster now have the a stable organization that has been able to send teams to LANs all around Europe before. And with sponsors like Qpad and  Kaspersky Labs they shouldn’t have any problems in the near future involving sponsor money. I’m only waiting for H2K’s response, being positive or negative.

Sk’s search for a fifth

So over a month has gone by for the #2 team in Sweden SK-gaming without having a full roster of five players. What are they going to do? They’ve been shopping around, playing with former team mate Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed, having Andreas “moddii” Frid ring for them at arbalet, trying to get a now Lions player Richard "Xizt" Landström  to leave his up and coming roster for fill out their now aging core roster with another young fragger. None of them seems to fit quite right, and Xizt probably won’t leave for greener pastures knowing that they are so close to catching up with that roster.

This seems to be a case that the hasty moves they made - removing Frej "kHRYSTAL" Sjöström to get GuX, and actually have worse placing with him - coming back to bite them. Now they have no one obvious to pick up, and their former player, Khrystal, is quite comfortable with his position in the Lions roster. Now it looks like they are grasping at straws - should they get a young player who could bring the talent that Khrystal had back to the roster or should they pick up a more experienced player like SpawN to just have a solid game overall?

WCG events   recaps

So four WCG qualifiers happened, and 2 were over before they started. Entity becomes the Macedonian Representative at WCG grand finals for god knows how many times, but probably won’t be able to leave group stage again. Poland basically gave their spot to Frag eXecutors for the sixth straight year, hoping that they can repeat at this grand finals in LA - and make it the only team to win three WCG’s in the events history, and each one under a different name. Serbia had playmore get the spot and like Macedonia probably won’t be a threat at the grand finals and you could grab 5 Germans off the street and you’d probably beat them.

Brazil and Denmark also had qualifiers and only Denmark had a surprising outcome. Mortal Teamwork, mTw.dk was the clear favorite to win the event - as they are a constant international threat and have recently won an event, Dream hack summer - but they came up short in the finals losing the spot to wCrea, the former p00nhandler team which found sponsorship in the french organization wCrea after their french team failed to impress at Game Gune. It seems that there’s another team in Denmark that can truly compete now, hopefully this rivalry can further grow the sport and make it strong in Denmark once again.

Brazil Showed that the former MiBR teams players, FireGamers and CnB gaming, are still on top in the only strong south American country in counter-strike, as they made it to upper bracket finals with little problem, but CnB pulled ahead narrowly beating their rivals FG 16 - 13 sending FG to the lower bracket finals where they played Golden glory and rolled them 16 - 2. FireGamers moved on to play CnB and won two straight maps to take the whole event.

WCG pan America was also this weekend and the expected teams won their respective groups - EG and FireGamers were undefeated and MiBR and Area51 both placed second to make it out of their groups as well. This made a NA vs NA and a BR vs BR semi, with Area 51 playing EG in one match and MiBR playing Fire Gamers in the other.

However Fire Gamers seem to have lost some of their steam as they got beaten by MiBR 16 - 14 and EG demolished Area51 16 - 5 to meet MiBR in the upper finals. However MiBR could not keep up the ghost and was beaten by EG 16 - 3 and was sent to the lower bracket. The lower bracket continued and FG manged to continue to the lower bracket final by beating area 51 16 - 6 on nuke before taking on and embarrassing MIBR in their rematch 16 - 2 on tuscan. They continued their hot streak and beat EG  2 - 1 in the grand finals to take the whole thing.

Asus Summer recap

ASUS summer cup also occurred this weekend and unlike the events in Brazil, it used the now standard system - group stage of 4 teams and a bo3 single elimination bracket. The groups went as planned with USSR, forze, MYM,Na’Vi,k23, Lions, and alternate all getting out of thier first groups.

The second group stage went as planned again, Angels and GetHard moving through Group A, Na’Vi and iron will moving through group B, Lions and ARENA moving through group C and the group of death - featuring MYM, Alternate, Lions and K23 - had Lions and K23 move through as K23 had just enough rounds to move through over MYM.

The brackets were far more surprising after the first round - k23, na’vi, Lions, and forZe move through  - as the second round saw what many see as the best team in the world, Na’Vi get eliminated second round by k23 in a shocking 2 - 0 sweep and Lions, at their first event with a new sponsor, rolled forze 2 - 0 making the finals lions vs k23. Lions showed why they changed orgs and beat k23 2 - 0 to win their first event as a team.

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