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ESL IEM American Championship Groups Announced

NATIONALESL.COM - The groups for the ESL's IEM American Championship have been announced, setting up for the 16 qualified players to compete for 8 spots in the finals of the American Championship in New York City this October.

The 16 players qualified have all been seeded and grouped accordingly. The players were divided into 3 groups - 4 high seeds, 4 medium seeds and 8 low seeds. Winners of the 4 qualifier cups - Silver, TTOne, PainUser and drewbie - were guaranteed high or medium seeds, while other players were seeded based on performance in other events, with IEM events taking priority. Each group would contain one high seed, one medium seed and two low seeds.

High Seeds (4)

Silver, HuK, IdrA, drewbie

Medium Seeds (4)

TTOne, PainUser, qxc, KiWiKaKi 

Low Seeds (8)

Artosis, SUGGY, Machine, MurDeR, ajtls, CauthonLuck, Fenix, ThisIsJimmy


Group A 

Zerg IdrA

Protoss TTOne

Terran Fenix

Protoss SUGGY 

Group B 

Protoss HuK

Protoss KiWiKaKi

Terran ajtls

Zerg Machine

Group C

Terran Silver

Terran qxc

Terran ThisIsJimmy

Terran MurDeR 

Group D 

Terran drewbie

Terran PainUser

Zerg Artosis

Terran CauthonLuck 


Source: ESL, TeamLiquid 

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