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RALEIGH, North Carolina, United States - The inaugural MLG StarCraft 2 event has drawn to a close, crowning Chris "HuK" Loranger champion. 

After two long days of play and many rounds of double elimination play, MLG has crowned their first StarCraft 2 champion - Canadian Protoss Chris "HuK" Loranger. Huk overcame 63 other competitors to claim the MLG Raleigh title, overcoming Jonathan "KiWiKaKi" Garneau 4-2 in the Grand Final.

Kiwikaki, a fellow Canadian Protoss to Huk, took home silver, while German Protoss Giacomo "Socke" Thus took down the bronze.

The tournament featured a number of great matchups and stunning upsets. Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson, winning the series 2-1, eliminated Tyler "LiquidTyler" Wasieleski in the third round of lower bracket play.

Nick "LastShadow" De Cesare took 4th, while Swedish Terran Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi came in 5th, rounding out the top 5.

The finals, a rematch of the upper bracket finals saw Huk begin with a 2-1 advantage due to MLG's extended series rules. Kiwikaki took down game one with a quick 4-gate stalker build on Steppes of War that caught Huk off guard teching to colossi. In game 2, Huk rebounded with a clever use of phoenixes and took the game convincingly on Delta Quadrant. Game 3 went to Blistering Sands, where Kiwikaki again tried to go with a 4-gate stalker build. After unsuccessfully trying to break in through the back door, Huk defended then launched a counter-assault that broke down Kiwikaki's back door. After some beautiful use of forcefields, Kiwikaki was forced to GG and Huk took home the victory.


Final Standings 

1. Protoss Canada Christopher "HuK" Loranger - Millenium Gaming - $2500 + 1200 MLG Rank Points

2. Protoss Canada Jonathan "KiWiKaKi" Garneau - Root Gaming - $1500 + 1000 MLG Rank Points

3. Protoss Germany Giacomo "Socke" Thus - Team ALTERNATE - $1000 + 900 MLG Rank Points

4. Terran United States of America Nick "LastShadow" De Cesare - Inflow Gaming - $700 + 800 MLG Rank Points

5. Terran Sweden Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi - Team Dignitas - $500 + 700 MLG Rank Points

6. Terran United States of America Rori "CauthonLuck" Bryant-Raible - Root Gaming - $350 + 650 MLG Rank Points

7. Terran United States of America Kyung-Hyun "SeleCT" Ryoo - Team Dignitas - $250 + 600 MLG Rank Points

8. Protoss Canada Payam "TTOne" Toshyan - FnaticMSI - $200 + 550 MLG Rank Points

Source: MLG

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