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Counter Strike Shakedown #6

Feature -- Forrest "var1ables" Campbell releases #6 of his Counter Strike 1.6 Shakedown.  This series will look at happenings in eSports the past week and his opinion on what's going on.

Note:  None of this is the opinion Insider eSports or its sponsor(s). This is just my no-named wannabe-journalist opinion.

More Bullets in the Chamber

Yes, right off the bat with the Loaded roster change.

It looks like they wanted to go the way of fnatic and mTw, who added more fraggers to the roster in hope of conquering the international scene, but on a much smaller scale. Scott “evolution” Cavellero and Sean "sgares" Gares are two extremely strong players; Cavellero has a strong history in North America and has competed well in many international teams, like x3o, EG of old, Gravitas and many others.

He may be the missing link Loaded need to move into a contender spot in America and the world. They you add Gares, who has been impressive for the last year - and most impressive in the latest two tournaments he’s played in - and after some jitters of playing in a real international event, he may be the GuX to Cavellero’s Get_RiGHT.

Now I'm not saying they might overthrow EG as the best team in North America - they still have fRoD and n0thing, the two greatest players in North America as well as storm, gfn and lurppis - but they might come close to challenging the two dominate teams.  

Hell, they’ve already given compLexity a run for their money - and bent them over and had their way with them on train - so EG might not be that far out of reach for this roster.

Norway in Chaos

Norway had some crazy roster changes in the last month.

First - as stated before - Online-Kingdom dropped their CS roster due to their poor placements in both domestic and international placings. This was compounded by cbteam disbanding due to them not caring halfway through the EPS season and now the Oslo lions are without a home.

It appeared that it was getting better when it was reported a mix of the former cbteam/lions roster was moving to 4Kings, but that move was denied later by both the new 4king organization and those involved in the roster.

One glimmer of hope did shine through though - online kingdom picked up the former lions team - along with a Portuguese roster paranoids which played well at gamegune despite placing lower than they were expected to.

Hopefully cbteam will reform and finds a new home that can provide them with what they need to compete with their neighboring swedes and the rest of Europe like they did at WCG 2008 - with the help of the legend Ola “Element” Moum as their strat caller - and with the new Online-kingdom, a team which i have personally followe, give Norway a real contender like they had in the earlier part of the last decade.

MYM in eStars Seoul

So out of all the potential teams - SK-Gaming, H2K, Alternate, mTw, EG, coL, etc - they pick a roster which has little to no international experience as a team - the new MYM roster.

Now I'm all for giving teams a chance to prove themselves - but eStars is one of the most prestigious events in the year.

Why pick them? Because UNiTED was the second most popular team in your online poll?

They should have picked a team which would make it the best event possible rather than just being a popularity contest. They would've given the spot that Na’Vi gave up to mTw or H2K or EG if they want to be saucy, but MYM was completely out of left field. Well it looks like fnatic is going to carry west again this year.

EG MSi Masters Cup CS Recap

(Okay this one is a week late, but bleh, I wrote it and didn’t put it in the same file as last weeks’ shakedown. I’m late. So sue me - it finally got put up.)

The team EG’s Masters Cup held its CS edition and it was less than surprising in the outcomes. Complexity, Finesse, Loaded and underestimated all played well, becoming the top four in the tournament, making the semi’s complexity vs Finesse and Loaded vs Underestimated.

complexity made short work of finesse 2-0, 16-4 and just barely closing it out 16-14.  On the other half of the bracket Loaded played Underestimated and split the first two maps in the bo3, making the final game on train the biggest match that far into the tournament.

The final match on train continued on the same for Loaded, as they pulled away in the first half 6-1 on T side and a one deag from Shaun "hostile" Catron made it 7-1. They continued to pull away 13-2 to end the first half, and giving a grim look for UE chances in the final. UE was continued to be rolled 16-3 to end the game.

The finals of Loaded vs. coL was much more exciting. The game began started by coL and loaded trading rounds making the score 2-2 on the fourth round however loaded pressed their advantage on CT side and pull to a 5-2 lead in seven rounds.

 However they answered back quickly wining four more rounds taking the advantage 5-6. They began to trade rounds, making the round 6-6, 6-7, 7-7 and 8-7 loaded to finish the half.

The second half started off with a bang, coming down to a 2 v 1 situation and coL’s Jeff “Hero” Mettetal ending it with a 1usp. They outlasted Loaded in the second round making the overall score 8 - 9, and out fragged loaded in round 3 8-10.  Loaded took round 4 5 6 and 7 making it 12 - 10 before coL ended the streak 12 - 11 in round 8 and tied it up 12 - 12. loaded took the lead again making it 13 - 12 with former coL member Scott “evolution” Cavellero getting 3 quick kills to close out the round and continued to advance trading round making the score 14 - 13. However coL looked stronger closing it out in three straight rounds 16 - 14 complexity.

The second map, train, started much like the previous one, 2 - 0 for loaded but they continued on to win the next two rounds making it 4 - 0 above coL. Complexity took a round, but loaded takes the next seven round 11 - 1. coL finally ends the sweep and took two rounds making the score 11 - 3 but it looked like the map was over in the first half of train and loaded closed out the half 12 - 3. coL gets sweeped in pistol rounds making the score 15 - 3, but they could not come back with a final score of 16 - 4.

The third map, inferno, started out the opposite of the last two, with coL winning the first three rounds easily before losing their first two rounds to loaded making the score 3 - 2. coL could not keep the lead losing the next three rounds to loaded making the score 5 - 3 and began to look like they could not keep up in the game. However they came back winning the next round 5 - 4 but loaded kept bringing the heat making the score 7 - 4. coL won the next two rounds to even out the score 7 - 6, putting pressure on Loaded at the end of the first half. The first half closed at 8 - 7 as coL won the last round to enter the easier side of the map.

coL won the pistol round but lost the second round after a strong mid rush making the score 9 - 8 overall. Loaded stole the next three rounds 12 - 8. However, Nazar "steno" Vynnytsky could not clutch to keep the sweep happening, giving coL another round and a glimmer of hope, making the score 12 - 9.

Evolution could clutch the next one however giving loaded their thirteenth round. CoL fought back tying the score 13 - 13 by winning the next four rounds in a row. CompLexity takes the lead 14 - 13, but Loaded came back tying it up again 14 - 14 leaving it up to the final two round the the tournament. Complexity took their fifteenth round and closed out the last round, winning the tournament and moving on to play EG in an exhibition game for laptops provided by the title sponsor - MSi.

The third place game of finesse vs underestimated went a bit as expected - with UE dominating finesse 2 - 0  taking home $500 to the ever strong 5 from underestimated.

eStars Seoul recap

Just as written above the Continental cup panned out as i stated - west was carried HARD by fnatic, who single handily won the death match, not having a tough match till they played Tyloo who they beat 16 - 14. The threesome was similar - where MYM beat Tyloo on Tuscan and fnatic beat titans on dust2, it couldn’t be a full three wins though as WeMade FOX beat Frag eXecutor on inferno. With this 2 - 0 victory Team West managed to win the continental cup, after narrowly losing it last year after close CS 1 - 1 and wc3 2 - 0.

King of the Game was  a continued domination for the Swedish all stars, where fnatic demolished the competition 5 - 0, and their second place contender, tyloo was only 3 - 2, and only 8 rounds behind the poles who are also 3 - 2. The last two places were 2 - 3, and sadly the new MYM could not make it out, and titans could not win a game, thus allowing the WeMade FOX roster to move to the bracket stage.

But before that could begin there was an epic fire - and my high school wannabe event planner sense are tingling which always happens when something epically fail happens at these events - that burnt the stairs to the main stage of the counter-strike area. And just as i thought - frayed wires which were carrying electricity  set fire to the wooden stairs above them......basically the lesson here is common sense - YOU SHOULDN'T PUT SOMETHING FLAMMABLE ABOVE SOMETHING THAT COULD CATCH FIRE. It was good they dealt with it with real speed, so at least they had proper precautions available when something like this happened.

The bracket stage started off with a big surprise - WeMade FOX beat fnatic 2 - 1ending their undefeated streak in the first round of the playoffs. On the other half Frag eXecutors bested Tyloo 2 - 1 making it a surprising final - WeMade FOX will play Frag eXecutors in the grand final and fnatic in an unusual spot, playing tyloo for the third place spot.

However the upsets would not continue for WeMade FOX as they lost 2 - 1 to Frag eXecutors, making it the first major event they won in the year. The third/fourth playoff was close, and fnatic managed to pull away after tyloo pushed them to a full three game series.

Oh counter-Strike, why do you hate me so much?  Every time it seems that I have a grasp on on what should happen in international counter-strike something like this happens - Frag eXecutors which haven’t done much this season pull out a win and fnatic, who is always strong, fall down to a third place spot after losing the the koreans WeMade FOX. The “counter-strike is an any given sunday game” gets proven time and time again.

Basically don’t bother trying to predict it, because something crazy is going to happen and you’ll end up wrong.

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