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CEVO.COM - "CEVO is proud to announce the restructuring of its Season 7 Amateur playoffs. We feel a 24 team playoff structure will better serve the competitive community this season."

This announcement comes as CEVO has invented the new calculation method, CPI, which we covered here.   The playoffs will run from January 5th to February 5th.  It is double-elimination, and the winner gets $1,500.00.  Times are not locked, so teams can play whenever they want anytime before the deadline day that CEVO sets.

The schedule is as follows: 

Round 1: de_russka - Monday, January 5th
Round 2: de_inferno - Thursday, January 8th
Round 3: de_train - Monday, January 12th
Round 4: de_season - Thursday, January 15th
Round 5: de_dust2 - Monday, January 19th
Round 6: de_tuscan - Thursday, January 22nd
Round 7: de_nuke - Monday, January 26th
Round 8: de_russka - Thursday, January 29th
Round 9: de_inferno - Monday, February 2nd
Finals : Best of Three - Thursday, February 5th

The teams participating (in order):

2. The Canadian Source
3. sure`shot
4. Axis Gaming
5. Variance
6. carbomb
7. vauLt
8. Togglin Turtles
9. anneX
10. Fragstarz
11. EvenFlow
12. On The Fly
13. k2 . f7
14. Revived and Reloaded
16. Weekend Warriors
17. prefire
18. Axxium
19. end of the world
20. One Shot
21. Grim
22. gotSWAG
23. DotDot
24. Mind Play


For more information, click here.

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