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Antonio "cyx" Daniloski Dies in Accident

Mousesports player Antonio "cyx" Daniloski has passed away in a car accident on his way home from the airport.

Mousesports - who has always been on top of the German Counter Strike scene - has just lost one of its longest members in the most tragic ways possible.

Antonio "cyx" Daniloski died in a car accident on his way back from the airport after he failed to make his flight, and he scheduled another one for the next morning. A tire failure, however, took his life on his way back to his home.

Mousesports has officially pulled out of IEM due to this tragedy and now have their CS team coming home from Shanghai, China.

Mousesports said this on their website:

“Our thoughts at this difficult time for us go to Tonis family, relatives and friends. We mourn a friend and player who was always loved by everyone in our [mouz] team and the whole gaming community and because of his commitment and engagement he was one of the most important and famous personalities of all time in [mouz].”

Source: http://www.mousesports.com/en/news/9403/

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quote#1 CA Hixx 30/07/2010 - 15:49:07
One of the best 1.6 players out there! Will be truly missed.. R.I.P. Antonio.. you will always be remembered :'(

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