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ESEA announces Season 7 with 50,000 USD

ESEA has announced their seventh season in a little over 2 years with an increased prize pot once again.

ESEA is at it again, announcing their seventh season in about two years. The league has been fast-paced since the beginning, and with yet another improved prize pot, it looks like it's here to stay in America.

The full press release is below.



After another successful LAN final with Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source, and Team Fortress 2, we're happy to announce ESEA League Season 7 which will feature over $55,000 in cash prizes and a LAN event for all Invite division playoffs.

Season 7 will also feature a number of improvements based on user and team feedback from Season 6.

Registration for S7 is now open and will remain so until Monday August 23rd at 11:59pm EST. Once registration closes there will be a week for teams to get acquainted with the system and to schedule their first matches, which will begin Sunday August 29th.

Key Changes From Season 6 to Season 7:
●    Increased prize pot from $50,000 to $56,550
●    Map rotations for each game will chosen by the community (more info soon)
●    Players banned for cheating in a non-league server will no longer result in matches being overturned
●    Increased number of League servers on new hardware to ease scheduling availability

Features of ESEA League include:
●    Two matches per week for all divisions
●    Complete web match scheduling
●    SMS scheduling alerts
●    All matches played on our ESEA servers across eight locations
●    Protection from our industry leading anti-cheat / config locking Client
●    Helpful team of handpicked paid league Admins who are active in each community
●    Complete box scores and stats for EVERY match (just as we have for pugs and scrims)
●    HLTV and SourceTV demo downloads for every match within 5 minutes of matches finishing
●    Automatic live HLTV and SourceTV for every match (unlimited number of spectators)
●    Automatic live irc scorebots for every match
●    Automatic POV demo recording
●    User prediction system for every match
●    LAN event for all Invite division playoffs
●    You build your permanent league record

First up, a change in our cheating policy has been one of the most requested / talked about topics in recent memory. Now, teams no longer have to worry about retribution from a player they cut as matches will only be overturned when that player is caught cheating in a league server.

Another key change is the move to put the CS 1.6 Main final four back online. While we were thoroughly impressed with the dedication last season's Main teams showed (which will be reflected in the upcoming Invite team list) we felt that for now we need to focus on building up the Invite division prize pots. Had we kept the Main final four on LAN, the need to grow the Invite prize pot (to continue to keep top teams motivated) would have directly conflicted with the need to grow the Main prize pot (to keep it attractive enough for Main teams to travel).

Lastly, as promised, we will be completely dropping all support for TF2 for Season 7, but there's a catch. We've worked hard to address the many issues and suggestions TF2 players have had with our services including Client update response time (we're down to an average of roughly 45 minutes), scrim servers (in public testing), as well as an Intermediate division. We've done our part, now it's up to the community to man up, stop whining, and save TF2 on ESEA themselves. ESEA TF2 Season 7 will only happen if at least 50 TF2 Open teams are paid by the close of registration.

Team move ups and move downs, a full prize pot breakdown, as well as the map rotations will be announced within the next two weeks so be sure and check back often.

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