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Match Coverage Request

InsiderEsports would like to announce that we are now accepting match coverage requests from established teams and organizations.  We believe that teams, especially those around the ESEA/CEVO Intermediate to Main level are not recieving appropriate coverage, and we want to make a major difference in those divisions.  Though we cover professionals, we want to make sure you know that you are just as, if not more important, in the gaming scene.

Please note this is NOT a sponsorship.  We are not "sponsoring" you anything.  You are helping us reach a wider audience, and in turn, you are recieving coverage.

Shoutcasting and broadcasting for the team’s league and LAN events will be provided for those who are accepted. Due to the consumption of resources, we ask that you only apply once per month and that you be patient for our response as it may take up to 24 hours.

If your team or organization has been denied match coverage, please respect our decision and understand that it is only an understatement and not a permanent decision. At a later date, you may apply for reconsideration with the new and updated team information that was unsubstantial enough for us to accept you during the first round of applications.


Please note that teams who don’t meet the following requirements will not be contacted by our staff


Minimum Team Requirements:

    * League Bound – Only CEVO and ESEA will be considered at this time.
    * Active and stable roster.
    * Active IRC channel.
    * Active website: nothing that isn't completely finished, please.
    * LAN Event Participation
    * Clean and Sportsmanlike Background – No bans, etc.


What We Ask For:

    * Support for Insider eSports on your website and team channel as possible
    * Banner/Logo advertisement on our website.
    * Support of Insider eSports endeavors, including website, IRC, etc.


What It’s All About:

As most of you very well know, InsiderEsports is all about providing gamers with what they want and what they need. Take your team or organization to the next level and play like a pro. Although we cannot provide ventrilo or game servers, we do on the other hand offer something others do not. Professional players cover 10% of the players in the eSports industry. The other 90% of players range anywhere from amateur to main and we here at InsiderEsports believe the spotlight should be shared amongst everyone, not just that 10%. We want to give that extra boost to those who truly want it and this is why InsiderEsports is proud to offer official match and event coverage to the teams who think they deserve it.


How To Apply:

We understand this may seem like a detailed process, and it is. We cannot support 30 teams in 5 different games and for that reason we are selective on those we do media coverage for. Please, to the best of your ability, fill out an application appropriately and respectfully. Thank you.

Note: Please write an application in the form shown below and answer the questions in the same order as they are presented below. Any applications that are sent without following the application guidelines or have missing information will not be responded to.

Teams are asked to submit a detailed and professional application to support@insideresports.com which includes the following information:



    * Team name
    * Team website URL
    * Your full name
    * Your e-mail address



    * Primary Team Game
    * How old is the team?
    * How many members are there in the team?
    * How many of these are players?
    * What sponsors does the team currently have?


    * Please list all LAN events attended within the last 12 months, including all final placements
    * Please list all LAN events currently planned for the next 12 months
    * Why are you interrested in support from InsiderEsports?
    * How do you feel InsiderEsports would benefit from supporting your team?
    * Anything else you want to add to your application



Thank you for supporting this plan.  We hope to be providing coverage for you soon! :)

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quote#1 US peawok 19/07/2010 - 01:51:55
I hope we don't receive any flame for this.

Honestly, we want to help YOU! Competitive gaming deserves more.... it deserves to do what made this concept so much fun in the first place. It's bs that competitive gaming is "dying" in people's eyes. I've seen the passion people have for these games... so lets make the most of it.

- peawok

quote#2 US gnarrk 20/07/2010 - 23:18:39

quote#3 CA rhys 23/07/2010 - 13:35:56
I like the overall idea but some of the stuff sounds so selective, if teams already have a website and stuff that you're listing as necessities odds are there name is already other there. Also, mIRC is unfortunately outdated with the use of ESEA in North America.

I see why you want them to have websites and LAN experience and all, but if they want those things, their name has to get out there first, and this is another opportunity given to only the people with the means to do so already.

quote#4 US peawok 31/07/2010 - 20:37:39
I will look at everyone specifically, regardless of lan experience etc. If they have it, obviously they are more important, but we aren't looking to cover a team that has just started and is esea o, for example.

That is a waste of our time, as we probably would not receive any publicity for it. I would love to help everyone, but there's only so much 4 people who work on this can do.

Hope you understand.

quote#5 CA rhys 06/08/2010 - 11:58:38
Oh I completely agree with no new first season open teams and such, I was just saying that the prerequisites were a bit too much for what we actually have in NA cs. But if you're not following them to the letter than this sounds good.

Best of luck.

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