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CEVO Counter-Strike 1.6 Registration Opens

CEVO is pleased to announce the opening of registration for the next season of Counter-Strike 1.6. Season 13 features $12,000 in guaranteed cash and prizes for teams competing across the various skill divisions.

CEVO is also excited to announce that with Season 13 comes the return of the INTERMEDIATE Division to Counter-Strike 1.6.

The regular event membership fee for Season 13 is $20 USD per player for CEVO-IM and above. However, any player who registers by 11:59 PM PT Sunday, August 1st will receive a discounted early bird rate of only $15 USD. Players may register for Season 13 without already being on a team.

Paid teams will be able to reserve premium quality game servers for their matches, courtesy of NuclearFallout, and will also be eligible for a FREE NationVoice ventrilo server!

Registration for CEVO Counter-Strike 1.6 Season 13 will open on Thursday, July 15th at midnight and remain open until Thursday, August 19th at midnight.

How To Register:

All players will need to register a personal CEVO user account to participate in CEVO events. If you do not already have one, click "register now" under the CEVO Members section of the website and follow the instructions.

Team Captains:

The Team Captain or Manager is responsible for registering their team for the event. Captains who have already created a team for another CEVO Counter-Strike 1.6 event do not need to create a new team - you can simply join this event with your current team. To sign your current team up for this event, login to your personal user account then go to "teams"->"view my teams" (or click "Manage My Teams" on the main account page). Click on the "manage" link corresponding to your team and then click "Sign Team Up for a CEVO Event".

If you are a Team Captain needing to create a team, login to your personal user account then go to "teams"->"create a team" (or click "Create a Team" on the main account page).

Once the team is created/registered for the event, each team member may join the roster by logging into their personal user account on the website and clicking “Join A Roster”.

Team Players:

In order to join a roster, your team captain must have already registered your team for this event. Once that is done, to join the roster, login to your personal user account and click "teams"->"Join a Roster" (or simply click "Join a Roster" on the main account page).

On the Join Roster page, choose this event from the drop-down menu, then type all or part of the team name and click "Find Team". When the search finishes, click the "join" button corresponding to your team.

When you join a roster for a paid event, if you have not already paid your event membership fee, you will be prompted for payment. CEVO accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, e-Check, or PayPal payments. All online payments are processed through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card through PayPal. If you would like to pay with a money order, please contact CEVO support for instructions.

To pay for a teammate’s account, please do so by logging into their personal account, or contact support for help.

Paying in Advance:

Players wishing to pay their event membership fee prior to joining a roster may do so at any time. Simply log into your personal user account and choose "join event" from the menu, or click "Register for an Event" on the main account page. From there you may choose the desired game and event from the options listed. Once your payment has been processed, you may join a roster any time prior to the start of the season as well as during roster unlock periods once the season has started.

Event Details:

The event will consist of four skill divisions, Open (CEVO-O), Intermediate (CEVO-IM), Main (CEVO-M), and Professional (CEVO-P).

The Open Division (CEVO-O) is taking over where CEVO FREE left off, so it's open to any team and FREE to all participants. It is divided into three conferences: Atlantic, Central, and Pacific. Teams will be participating for $300 in guaranteed prize. There will be one match per week in this division and the Match Deadline Day is Thursday of each week.

The open division is specially designed for new teams that are looking to get their feet wet in competitive play.

NOTE: Teams in this division are not eligible for free NationVoice ventrilo servers, may not reserve NuclearFallout game server, will be limited to eight disputed players per season, and will not be eligible for any yet-unannounced promotions for paid members.

Teams looking to move up to CEVO-Main within one or two seasons should play in CEVO-IM instead of CEVO-O in order to establish a strong record of competitive play, as acceptance into CEVO-M is application only

The Intermediate Division (CEVO-IM) is open to all teams. It is divided into three conferences: Atlantic, Central, and Pacific. Teams will be competing for $3,500 in guaranteed cash. There will be two matches per week with Match Deadline Days on Mondays and Thursdays.

CEVO-IM is designed specifically for new and experienced teams seeking serious competitive play.

The Main Division (CEVO-M) is application only for teams that have not earned a spot from the previous CEVO season. It is divided into one national conference. CEVO-M showcases highly talented teams competing for $3,500 in guaranteed cash. There will be two matches per week with Match Deadline Days on Mondays and Thursdays.

The Main Division is reserved for only very highly-skilled and experienced teams seeking serious, near-professional competition.

Teams who are FULLY REGISTERED AND PAID in CEVO-IM may submit a Main Division Application Form, which can be found in the Captain’s control panel.

Only teams that are registered in the Intermediate Division with a minimum of 5 players paid & ready on the roster will be able to submit a Main Division application. Teams will be invited to the Main Division based upon an assessment of the team history, roster composition, accomplishments, stability, past performance CEVO, past performance in other leagues and tournaments, and other similar criteria.

The Professional Division (CEVO-P) will consist of the 10 most talented teams in North America, as determined by our Professional Placement Tournament or earned incumbancy from the previous season of CEVO-P. The Professional Division has only one National Region. Teams will be competing for a whopping $5,000.00 in guaranteed cash! Professional teams will play two matches per week on Monday and Thursday nights.

More details on the Professional Placement Tournament will be announced very soon.

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