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EG Wins ESEA Invite Season 6

DALLAS, Texas -- Evil Geniuses add another ESEA title under their belt with a win in Season 6, beating Loaded 3-1 in the Grand Final.

Esports Entertainment Association's sixth season has finished and Evil Geniuses CS squad has added their fourth title under their belt, winning over Loaded 3-1.  

In the first round, tournament favorites CompLexity, strong off their ESWC finish, where they were the only American team to leave the bracket stage, took their first series in a contentious 2-0 finish over Loaded, narrowly beating them 16-14 on Dust2 before winning 16-6 on de_lite. They would take on #1 seed Finesse in the next round.

On the other side of the bracket Area51 knocked the all star team Underestimated in two overtime maps, 22-19 de_dust2 and 19-16 on de_lite. Area51 would meet reigning tournament champion EG in the next round.

Complexity beat finesse in the next round in 2-1, 16-9 on de_inferno before losing in overtime 19-16 in 19-17 on nuke before closing it out 16-4 on Tuscan to advance to the upper bracket finals.

EG started their domination, beating Area51 2-0 in two dominating games 16-2 on de_inferno and 16-8 on de_nuke, making the upper bracket finals yet another EG vs Complexity match up.

In the lower bracket Area51 hoped to stay alive in the tournament, as shown by the 16-11 in their first match vs loaded on train, however Loaded quickly destroyed that hope, winning out the series 2-1, 16-8 on Tuscan and 16-9 on dust2, snuffing the Canadian flame out.

The other lower bracket match had a similar problem, with Underestimated beating finesse in the first map 16-13 before being beaten 2–0, 16-9 on Tuscan and 16-6 on de_dust2.

The matchup of the lower bracket teams, Loaded vs Finesse then took place, with loaded showing the lack of Finesse in Finesse, taking them down 16-12 on nuke and 16-8 on inferno. Loaded was then guaranteed a 3rd place finish in the tournament, regardless on the remaining upper bracket match.

In upper bracket finals, the rival match, EG vs complexity, showed the international experience of EG overwhelming compLexity  2-0, 16-13 on dust2 and 16-6 on nuke, sending the compLexity team to the lower bracket in finals where they played loaded.

Loaded got revenge on the team that sent them to the lower bracket in round one, beating them 2-1 in a contended overtime match 19-17 train going to loaded, coL came back strong with a 16-8 map victory on dust2 before being defeated again in map three on Tuscan 16-13 sending one of the favorites home.

The grand finals saw Reigning champs EG playing the underdogs Loaded in a best of 5, where EG embarrassed Loaded 16-1 on De_nuke and narrowly defeated loaded in game 2 on inferno 16-13 before losing their first map 16-11 to loaded on dust2. They closed it out on their best map, train, 16-4 winning their fourth ESEAi finals.

Arbalet Cup Dallas begins tomorrow, giving many of the American teams their first shot internationally.

Final standings:

1) Evil Geniuses - 6,250
2) Loaded - 3,000
3) compLexity - 1,700
4) finesse - 1,200
5-6th) Area51/Underestimated - 800

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