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fnatic Drops Threat

SWEDEN – fnatic releases threat after a series of poor results.

As rumored, Fnatic has confirmed that they have dropped Bjorn 'threat' Pers to their roster.

Threat first joined after Rasmus "GuX" Ståhl could not attend a series of events, which would’ve helped fnatic close out the last years extremely strong. Initially it looked good for them, winning WEM and placing second at the IEM European Championship and the IEM Grand Finals in the early part of this year.

However, they haven’t competed up to fnatic’s standards recently, losing in the second round at the ESWC Finals to Na’Vi.  This has really taken a toll on the team, and they have decided to release threat from the team.

It is widely suspected that this move is also due to the flood of talent left on the scene after the recent disbandment of MYM, with talent like  Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson, Andreas 'moddii' Fridh and Marcus “zet” Sundstrom all being on the market.

Harley 'dsn' Orwall gave this statement regarding Bjorn's release to fnatic.com:

"Today we are parting ways with Bjorn 'threat' Pers. Our results lately have been a bit questionable and our play in-game hasn't been what it once was. We felt we needed a change to keep the team strong, fresh and motivated for the upcoming tournaments. We would like to wish Bjorn the best of luck and thank him for his time as a friend, teammate and player in FnaticMSI."

Fnatic now has:

  Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg
  Patrik 'cArn' Sattermon
  Harley 'dsn' Orwall
  Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund

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