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GuMmY, Famsek out; theking, xikii in for x6tence

SPAIN -- Borja "GuMmY" Gonzalez and Francisco "FamseK" Alarcon have left x6tence in place for David "theking" Rubio and Victor "xikii" García.

x6tence has had some roster problems over the last year, barely able to keep themselves at the top in Spain and near constant roster struggles have kept them from playing to their potential.

The roster problems only continued today when it was announced Borja "GuMmY" Gonzalez has stepped down from the roster due to his real life commitments and Francisco "FamseK" Alarcon has left the roster for personal reason leaving the roster with only three players to the roster.

To replace them they have added David "theking" Rubio from long time Spanish team OverGame and Victor "xikii" García, who has been making a name for himself in Spain.

"For me, joining the team is a dream, if three days ago I was told I would spend my summer from tournament to tournament, I would not have believed it," García told teamx6tence.com.

"We have been together for some days, and I have to say I feel I fit in very well with my new team-mates, I want to thank them because they have welcomed me in a great way. Despite my youth, I have it clear about my role and I will contribute as much as I can since my motivation is maximum."

x6tence Roster:

David "theking" Rubio
Alberto "neptuNo" Molinillo
Christopher "poWer" Rodríguez
Ramón "TalikE-" Oliveira
Victor "xikii" García

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