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Financial Trouble for ESWC Again?

PARIS, France -- www.team-aaa.com is reporting that the ESWC may once again be in financial trouble.

ESWC has reportedly been unable to pay contractors for services performed during their French qualifier, which took place almost two months ago.  The ESWC apparently never paid them, and moved on to two different contractors for the ESWC Grand Finals that took place last week.

Reseau Local reportedly told the ESWC that a third of the €15,000 bill from the French qualifier would have to be paid in cash, which Games Solution, ESWC's parent company, had agreed to and told them a check was on the way a day before the event took place. Reseau Local states they never received the check and have been unable to contact Games Solution


No Announcements by ESWC Regarding New Sponsors, Contests

If all that wasn't bad enough, www.HLTV.org has reported that no major sponsor was announced by ESWC at the event last weekend, something ESWC had said was going to occur the Sunday of the event.

Along with that, ESWC has yet to announce the winner of the $5,000 movie contest, which was supposed to occur during the event.

News is circulating that sponsors are leaving the event, due to ESWC's promise of 50,000-80,000 people attending over the weekend being much lower, around 3,000.

With so many sponsors potentially leaving, and no new sponsor revealed, players are beginning to worry that the $213,500 prize pot "guaranteed" by ESWC will never be paid, similar to the 2008 event, which the G7 teams are still fighting ESWC over.




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