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LANchamp Announces $12000 TF2 Event

LOS ANGELES, California -- LANchamp has announced a $12000 TF2 tournament with a LAN finals to be played in Los Angeles, California, on August 7.

The tournament is open to anyone who wishes to apply, but obviously top teams will come first and every team must be able to attend the finals.

The tournament begins July 11th, and with only 16 slots available for teams, it is recommended you apply early.

"LANchamp is thrilled to promote and support the TF2 community with a full tournament over the month of July, featuring two rounds of online qualifiers and a $12,000 total prize pot awarded to the final four teams - who will complete the tournament live on Saturday, August 7 in Los Angeles, CA," Lanchamp said on their website. "We encourage teams at every skill level to apply as we aim to showcase all the great competition around the TF2 community. Your appreciated support may bring a future tournament closer to your spawn point."
Here is what you need to apply:
  1. Any team may apply for any LANchamp event. Individual players will have online profiles created through LANchamp.com after appearing on a roster accepted into an official LANchamp event.
  2. Players who have participated in previous events will use their existing profile, and no player may create a second profile on LANchamp.com. A profile will be forever tied to the full name, alias, birth date and SteamID provided upon its creation. Duplicate names and/or SteamIDs will not be accepted into LANchamp events, and players who cannot provide proper identification will not be paid.
  3. Any player receiving prize money must prove both his online and real identity, providing state-issued identification and matching the information given to LANchamp.com at the time of online registration for the event. This includes full name, age and residence. Any player unable to provide identification will not receive prizes.
  4. Applying to a LANchamp event assumes your team WILL make the Final Four and that you WILL travel to/participate in the Live Finals. Players who participate online and then do not arrive to pick up a guaranteed prize risk punishments that range up to indefinite suspension from future LANchamp events.
For more information, visit LANchamp's website.


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