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Na`Vi Tops SK Gaming to Win ESWC

PARIS, France -- The Electronic Sports World Cup is over with Na`Vi taking down SK Gaming 2-1 in a best of three.

The tournament did not start well for Na`Vi, who after an autoberth into the second round, did not take the top seed in Group A, considered the easiest day two group.  However, against all predictions they beat fnatic in the quarterfinals and beat mTw, considered one of the two favorites to win the event after their impressive opening group play.

SK Gaming destroyed teams along their side of the brackets, closing in on the finals.

SK Gaming managed to win the first map, de_dust2, but could not get anything going on de_train first half, losing 12-3.  They quickly lost the game 16-5.  The match went to a tiebreaker match on de_inferno, where the momentum for Na`Vi was just too great, winning 16-4.

Na`Vi played very well, mainly led by markeloff, who had two aces in the match.  The team beat mTw, SK Gaming, and fnatic in many 16 to below 10 victories.

Spectator count was estimated at 40,000 across all available channels.  HLTV.org states that their peak was during de_dust2, the first game, at 21,564, the highest numbers they have seen in "a long time".

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