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ESWC Quarter Finals Drawn

PARIS, France -- The ESWC has drawn the matches for the quarter finals of the 2010 event.

SK, BURNING!, mTw, and fnatic with their top seeds had one of the bottom seeds -- Firegamers, Na`Vi, Frag eXecutors and CompLexity -- randomly picked to play against them.

SK Gaming drew CompLexity, who have had a surprising run in the tournament thus far, partly due toan immediate placement into Friday's group play.  However, they have taken down WeMade Fox and Alternate, and played all right versus fnatic, so they may be able to make something happen against them.  SK has played very well and are the favorites for the match.

fnatic and Na`Vi will square off in an Arbalet Cup Europe Grand Final repeat.  fnatic took the game that time, but Na`Vi, who are playing well except poor losses to French teams, are looking to knock out one of the favorites for the event.  BURNING! and Frag eXecutors will play next and though BURNING! is playing pretty well, they will have a rough road ahead with another favorite to win the tournament.

firegamers, the other surprise team, will face off against mTw.  mTw is the final favorite to win the event and have been showing it, thrashing strong teams left and right.  firegamers will have their work cut out for them if they want to win this game.

All matches are a best of three and begin earlier tomorrow morning, EST time.

mTw vs. firegamers
SK Gaming vs. Complexity
fnatic vs. Na`Vi
BURNING! vs. Frag eXecutors

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