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Evil Geniuses Eliminated at ESWC

PARIS, France -- Evil Geniuses was eliminated earlier this morning from the "group of death", Group B.

EG could not get much going for them, losing to Frag eXecutors and mTw 20-10 and 25-5 respecitively.  Their only glimmer of success was against mousesports, who they tied.

It was an unfortunate end to Evil Geniuses hopes of winning or placing well in the event, but an early loss in the first group play to Fair Frag definitely spelled trouble for them.  They were selected into arguably the hardest group in the event and the most talented group we've seen all year in any event.

Evil Geniuses will be forced to head home, preparing for Arbalet Cup Dallas and the ESEA LAN in mid-July.

CompLexity has been doing decently in their group, winning over WeMade Fox and a loss to fnatic.  CompLexity will have to beat Alternate to advance to the playoff round.  What happens next is in their hands as Alternate, WeMade, and CompLexity could all end up 1-1 in the group play should CompLexity lose.

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