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INSIDER ESPORTS – Peawok recaps day one at the Electronic Sports World Cup Grand Final in Paris, France.

The ESWC Grand Final is in full swing in Paris, France.  Many have called this the greatest Counter Strike event since 2008 – the last year we saw ESWC, too mention – due to the event’s prestige and longevity.  I for one marked the dates on my calendar and though I sadly can’t watch some of the games (sorry, guys, 5am is pretty darn late), I have definitely been keeping a close eye on the teams and players.

Day one was filled with upsets and “no duh’s”, as teams like SK and mTw went the expected 3-0 in their groups.  Then we had a strange group of three, no two, no three, no two again with the whole TyLoo visa (Wait, a Chinese team didn’t get a visa?!  That has NEVER happened before!!!) and k1ck complaining situation.

My personal favorite? This guy right here:


 Could have been my brother...
Photo by: www.HLTV.org

Come on.  It reminds me of my youngest brother whose 12.  Strange to think of him being there, but definitely a good laugh.  I sadly wasn’t able to watch any of his games but I’m sure that “epic lulz” ensued.  Check out the video on SK-Gaming.com of him playing and being freaked out by SK getting up all close and personal.  It probably had to do with him using that SK pad…

Regardless, what truly transpired was none other than a great day of Counter Strike 1.6.

Group A had pretty much the expected.  I didn’t expect anyone to really compete with SK Gaming there, and Burning! as second?  Well, great for them, and they have a shot in the second round with only Na`Vi as true contenders in Group A for day two.
Group B was a bit interesting.  Obviously H2k and Frag eXecutors were the top teams there, but H2k beating FX was slightly surprising.  It was definitely a bad step off a cliff and into the dreaded group of death for the Polish FX, however.  H2k definitely will have their work cut out for them too, however, as they are up against Swedish buddies SK Gaming, Firegamers, and the French team Mojawi.

I have to say that Group C and D were probably the two easier ones to guess, with the exception of one (Group F, anyone?).  I didn’t expect UNiTED to do all too well this tournament, and B4G really had no shot.  WeMade Fox took the top seed and it really didn’t help them too much, with CompLexity, fnatic and Alternate as their opponents for day two.  Group D was basically mTw and Alternate playing one another for top seed.

Group E was a fnatic and firegamers show as well, with Lions losing to both.  Fnatic took down firegamers in a very close 16-14 match, probably closer than they would have liked.


Anyone else think JaX got kicked somewhere?
Photo by: www.HLTV.org
Group F had one match, where Na`Vi and CompLexity squared off for the top seed.  CompLexity couldn’t take down Na`Vi and lost 16-14.  It’s unfortunate, since the Americans really could have used that Group A seeding with a shot at getting into the playoffs.  Both of these teams didn’t get many warmup games in today, so we’ll have to see how that plays out tomorrow.

Group G had Evil Geniuses as the favorites losing to Fair Frag in a depressing match.  It’s really cost them, too, as they are now stuck in a very hard group for tomorrow.  PiNG with their 12 year old buddy failed to make a splash, going 0-2.  Oh well, if I was 12 I wouldn’t care how many games I lost, just to have the opportunity to play Counter Strike 1.6 in Eurodisney against the world’s greats.  Come on… who wouldn’t?!

The final group, Group H, featured mousesports as the favorite and Playzone and  OLSF.dk fighting for the second seed.  Playzone got the upper hand and will move on to Group A in day two.

Stay tuned for a preview and predictions for day two of the ESWC.

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