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G7 Teams Announce Action Plan Against ESWC

PARIS, France -- The G7 Teams have revealed their plans to pay back the prize money for the 2008 winners.

The G7 Teams, the seven biggest eSports organizations, have announced their plans to allocate money to the 2008 winners of the Electronic Sports World Cup.

The G7 Teams said that after months of failing talks with the ESWC’s new owners on the unpaid prize money, the G7 would have to take the issue into their own hands.

They have decided to take part of the money (10% of whatever each team makes) which the seven teams make during the course of the 2010 event, and pay it to the winners of the 2008 event, like Frag eXecutors, eStro, fNatic and Mousesports.

The organization in charge of ESWC went bankrupt in April, 2009.  A new company took control of the ESWC name late last year.

Full Press Release from the G7 Teams

Less than a day remains before the eSports World Cup brand holds its first event in almost two years. As such, it is now the appropriate time for the G7 Federation of Teams to publicly state its position on the ESWC and its corresponding action plan going forward.

The G7 has been in direct communication with the ESWC and its owners for a significant period of time since the brand was acquired and announced an upcoming event. After our correspondence with the brand's owners about the ESWC's unresolved prize money debts initially showed promise, with the ESWC stating its intention to pay back (at the very least) its 2008 winners, the subject quickly fell off of the table. While the ESWC did provide the G7 Teams and the eSports community with some tangible proof that 2010's prize money would be paid out quickly after the event, the ESWC has not sufficiently addressed the subject of unresolved debts from past events, including 2008.

We all want to see ESWC make a successful resurgence into the eSports scene - but not at the expense of past ESWC champions (most notably, those from 2008) who have still neither received their winnings, nor received any sufficient statement of intent from ESWC regarding how their winnings will be paid back. Therefore, the G7 Teams will attend ESWC 2010, but with the following additional group actions and stipulations:

1) Since the ESWC is yet to address prize money owed to past winners, including those from 2008, the G7 Teams will allocate 10% of prize money won at ESWC 2010 to the ESWC 2008 winners. All none G7 teams are more than welcome to follow and make it public on their websites.

2) The G7 Teams will allow ESWC a 90-day grace period, beginning from the end of the ESWC 2010 event. During this grace period, the ESWC must both pay 2010's prize money in full and publicly address the issue of prize money owed from 2008. If both of these requirements are not met within 90 days after ESWC 2010, the G7 Teams will immediately place ESWC on boycott status.

3) Within the month following ESWC 2010, the G7 Teams will also make public our action plans for other event brands with outstanding prize money debts.

The G7 Federation of Teams is committed to exhausting all available resources in pursuit of the prize money owed to gamers around the world. We will continue to provide the global eSports community with updates on our progress and correspondence with event brands currently owing outstanding prize money.

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