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Peawoks Live Blog ESWC

The ESWC Grand Final is live in Paris and Peawok will be breaking his fingers keeping up with all the action!


(10:30 AM) -- Sorry for the delay in getting everything running.  Sadly I'm by myself so I have work on top of work.  Not too mention, I have work today!  Oh well... gotta do what I can ;)

(10:56 AM) -- Just got the Coverage Center up.  I think since we have both ESEANews there and HLTV, not too mention all the other websites I probably don't check as much as I should, I think I'll focus on features for the event.  I'll recap day one tonight and then preview day two, etc.

(11:31 AM) -- Viewer Guide up.  Shower, then lunch, then off to work where I'll be updating as well.. the joy of working aimlessly at a computer. Haha.

(12:55 PM) -- I find it rather ridiculous that a 12 year old is playing in the ESWC.  That's like my youngest brother playing (he is 12 as well).

(2:11 PM) -- Group stage just finished a bit ago.  I'll be doing previews of next round and reviews of this one later today.

(2:15 PM) -- Here are the seeds going into next round.   I'll make another post on it in roughly an hour.

Top Seeded
SK Gaming
H2k Gaming
WeMade FOX
Natus Vincere
Fair Frag

Second Seeded
Frag eXecutors
Mojawi Gaming
Team Alternate
Evil Geniuses
(3:42 PM) -- Just got back.  It was my bosses 12th aniversary at work.  I got free wine!  Win!  The groups were just selected a bit ago for tomorrow.  I'll be posting that in another article in a few.
(4:24 PM) -- Got a bit more up.  After dinner, I'll write up a recap of day 1 and a preview of day 2.
(8:04 PM) -- Back.  Took a bit of a break but I'll have a lot of stuff up tonight :)
(11:55 PM) -- Got a recap of day one on the site!


(1:52 AM) -- Good early morning!  Haven't slept yet.  Made myself some eggs and had a few conversations with some people.  Still plan on doing that preview of the next games.  I'm out in my apartments lounge.  Lets see how I do. Might fall asleep in this chair for 2.5 hours.  Haha.

(12:30 PM) -- Sorry guys!  I completely forgot to update this with everything else going on.  Coverage is continuing.  I wasn't able to get a preview article done but I'll have one for playoffs!  No work today fortunetly! 



(4:00 AM) --  Games nearly here ;)

(1:00 PM) --  Well.... CompLexity will not be advancing.  Unfortunate, but SK gaming is just playing too well.



(1:19 AM) --  Can't wait for the games... even ESWC female will be fun!

(1:46 AM) --  SK won ESWC female... now lets see if they win ESWC male as well!




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quote#1 US RedruM 01/07/2010 - 16:43:29
glad to see you guys still up and runnin and peawok still doin his thang. :) you guys could def use a source writer since theres like more events going on now more than ever :). but the 1.6 coverage is top notch

quote#2 US peawok 01/07/2010 - 18:02:46
Thanks redrum.. Sadly these days a lot of people only want money. It's unfortunate but understandable. I'm looking into growing the staff in other ways but we definitely want to have a score keeper that can be consistently updating scores. I'll be doing day 1's scores tonight and setting up for tomorrows.

quote#3 US JimmyNR 01/07/2010 - 18:08:36
Is this blog going to get as crazy as the other ones have sometimes become lol

quote#4 US Var1ables 01/07/2010 - 20:11:54
Hopefully EG and coL will do well, because i don't feel like buying a new gear just yet.....fNatic losing at eStars almost made me last year.....

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